Picks and Pans Review: Spider-Man Swings Through the Tribeca Film Festival

updated 05/07/2007 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/07/2007 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>Founded after 9/11 to help revive downtown Manhattan, this year's Tribeca Film Festival (April 25-May 6) boasts a spandex-clad headliner. To cap off Spidey Week—a New York City-wide celebration of the superhero—the fest offers a star-packed April 30 premiere in Queens, home of Spider-Man alter ego Peter Parker. But there's more to this movie extravaganza than webcrawling:

STARS BEHIND THE CAMERA This year's festival is packed with celeb filmmakers, among them producers Leonardo DiCaprio (the dark comedy Gardener of Eden) and Eva Mendes (Live!, a mockumentary about a deadly game show) and directors James Franco (Good Time Max) and Julie Delpy (2 Days in Paris).

HOLLYWOOD HITS N.Y.C. Forest Whitaker stars in The Air I Breathe, a drama with Sarah Michelle Gellar, who also is in the romantic comedy Suburban Girl. Another double dipper: Lucy Liu, as a vampire killer in Rise: Blood Hunter and a seductress in Watching the Detectives. Ben Kingsley plays an ex-hitman in You Kill Me, and Elijah Wood gets serious in Day Zero, a political drama.

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