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70 calories, 14 g protein, 1 g fat in a 3 oz serving of boiled crawfish


In the South it would be disrespectful not to eat gumbo," says Queen Latifah, currently in Shreveport, La., shooting Mad Money alongside Katie Holmes. While the actress has fallen for local delicacies—"Who can resist fresh crawfish?"—she tries to stick to the routine she follows at home in L.A. Before heading to work, she cooks healthy breakfasts, like organic eggs and turkey bacon, and "I go to the gym with my bodyguards," says Latifah, 37. "We lift weights, do some cardio. My problem is I like to work hard and play hard. I indulge with food and maybe some beverages that may not be the best." That said, Latifah also lives comfortably outside of Hollywood's size 0 derby. "I'm playing a real woman, a mother of two," she notes. "I work out to stay healthy." Adds her trainer Jeanette Jenkins: "I've trained size 2s who are never happy with themselves. But Latifah just exudes confidence."


Jennifer Hudson performs what her trainer LaFonza Alston calls the Trilogy of Terror: three sets each of 25 squats, push-ups and crunches. Jennifer Garner packs the Val Kit—which consists of a resistance band, sliding foot pads and a 20-minute workout manual—when she travels. Designed by her trainer Valerie Waters, the kit "weighs just ounces and targets your abs, butt and thighs." Heidi Klum packs her suitcase full of nutritional products from trainer David Kirsch's wellness line, including Thermo Bubbles, a supplement that Kirsch says burns fat and "helps Heidi stay in a healthy frame of mind."

"Lots of stress"
—CHRISTIE BRINKLEY, on what keeps her thin. The model, whose divorce has yet to be finalized, adds, "I also use Total Gym [a fitness machine she promotes]. I do yoga and am a lifelong vegetarian."

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