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We asked two hardworking celeb moms ...

"All of my Mother's Day gifts have been homemade so far. Nothing can compare to that! I've even had breakfast compliments of Gracie, 10, Maggie, 8, and Audrey, 5. Scrambled eggs smothered in syrup and topped with strawberries."
FAITH HILL, who kicks off her "Soul2Soul" tour with husband Tim McGraw in June

"Mama would like a day off—if the dogs poop, not my job on Mother's Day! Actually, a couple of weeks ago, [husband] David [Duchovny] and I had the house alone for the first time in eight years—that was a really good gift. I don't know if it's appropriate for Mother's Day, but when it's July 4, that's definitely what I want again."
—TEA LEONI, starring in the upcoming mob comedy You Kill Me

"I live in a two-bedroom, drive a Nissan and go to Dodgers games. My life is pretty modest and stable"
SHIA LABEOUF, star of the smash hit thriller Disturbia, on not letting success go to his head


Playing Spider-Man has made Tobey Maguire a real hero with children, until recently anyway. "This one kid asked me, 'How do you do that?' And I said, 'Well, we take a vertical building and turn it on its back, so I'm actually crawling across it,'" says the actor, 31, a new dad himself. (Fiancée Jennifer Meyer gave birth to daughter Ruby last November.) "It's like I shattered his world. The kid was so bummed out!"


Ever suffer humiliation at the hands of your own family? Adam Brody can relate. "Five years ago my dad was in town and I had an audition, so I suggested he come with," recalls Brody, 27, now starring in the drama In the Land of Women. "I was reading with this real cute girl and I wanted to ask for her number.... Then my dad pulls up, honks the horn and gives me a big thumbs-up," says Brody. Did Dad hurt his game? "I got her number, but she didn't call back. He blew it for me."

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