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updated 05/01/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/01/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Diana Spencer dreamed of marrying the Prince of Wales, and she got her wish. Living happily after may have been too much to hope for

Charles, turning 40 in November, yearns for a bigger job, but knows that he'll just have to wait

Talk about fringe benefits! Being princess means a lifetime supply of titles, cars, stately homes, servants, jewelry—even free theater tickets

She's coiffed, she's dressed, she's driven, she's fed—it's just a typical day in Diana's life. Sometimes, she says, she'd rather be ironing

The royals' spectacular world tours come off like clockwork, thanks to a huge supporting cast minding the clocks

The frill is gone for Diana, who cultivates an image of sleekness. Designers help, but she's London's top shopper, at home in the finest boutiques

Working wife Diana is a hands-on mum who tries to give William, 5, and Harry, 3, a commonsense upbringing amid nannies, detectives, ponies and the priciest playthings

Though she's close to the Windsor women—especially Fergie—Diana still relies on her mother and sisters

Palace reporter James Whitaker is all ears, eyes and nose for news. He gets his stories the hard way, and royals only wish it were harder

Sometimes, when she least expects it—Click!—another photographer has Diana right where he wants her. Top lenspeople pick their favorite frames

Diana rarely speaks in public; when she does, all the world eavesdrops

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