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updated 03/27/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/27/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

A cast of thousands! Years in the making! Those hoary hypes from movieland epics past make us smile as we put Inside Hollywood to bed. We can trumpet (ta-dum!)...a cast of dozens! Months in the making! (Well, four.) Yet the finished product packs a wide-screen's worth of intimacy, info and fun.

We got started last November when Eric Levin, the issue's editor, flew to Los Angeles to scout stories and meet with bureau chief Jack Kelley and his team. Several publications had lately presumed to rank the most powerful people in showbiz. Perusing the lists proved instructive. "You notice how few women are on them," says Levin. "Yet talented and formidable females are prevalent now on both sides of the camera." Back in New York City, our Special Report on Women in Hollywood was launched. "Rather than rank a bunch of names," says Levin, "we decided to relate women's experiences and opinions in their own words."

Soon the L.A. bureau was, in Kelley's phrase, "going flat out from dawn to dark." Lyndon Stambler interviewed cinematographer Brianne Murphy at 8 A.M. on location in a cemetery. Nancy Matsumoto literally climbed out of a hospital bed (she's okay now, thanks) for a revealing session with producer Lili Zanuck.

There is, of course, much more to the issue. Craig Tomashoff logged hundreds of miles around town tracking down items for our foldout map. Working with her New York counterparts, Maddy Miller and Sarah Rozen, West Coast photo editor Karin Grant orchestrated more than 60 photo shoots. In Toronto, Goldie Hawn treated photographer Christopher Little and (below) reporter David Hutchings to a late dinner and a smashing interview, then trotted off for a wee-hour walk in the newly fallen snow. In L.A., Carrie Fisher rummaged in reporter Todd Gold's briefcase and found candy Gold was bringing home for his young daughters, Abby and Eliza. She and Gold and fellow interviewee Penny Marshall scarfed it all up. Girls, don't be too hard on Dad. He got the story (on page 94), and how sweet it is.

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