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originally published 06/01/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

sex and the city

7 Inside People

8 Singular Sensations
If Mr. Right comes along, fine, say today's unmarried women. Meanwhile, they're focusing on friends

14 Carrie
Playing a sizzling single girl, Sarah Jessica Parker heats up the show—and her career

18 Miranda
Native New Yorker Cynthia Nixon relishes a role that lets her spend time with her daughter

20 Charlotte
An adventurer with attitude, Kristin Davis explores the world on her own

22 Samantha
Married and mellow, Kim Cattrall is a domestic diva who keeps the home fires burning

24 Mr. Big
Happy for now playing a dashing cad, Chris Noth doesn't want to get too settled in any one job

26 The Other Men
Kyle MacLachlan (Trey), John Corbett (Aidan), David Eigenberg (Steve) et al. are not to be confused with their alter egos

35 Casting the Show
Actors are lining up for casting director Jennifer McNamara, hoping to play any one of a host of memorable characters

42 Trendsetting Style
The scoop on the show's fashions, from costumers Patricia Field and Rebecca Weinberg

52 Carrie's Apartment
Unveiled: The contents of her bedroom, living room, bathroom, seldom-used kitchen—and enormous closet

58 On Location
Production designer Jeremy Conway and location manager Seth Burch reveal what they look for when scouting out places to film

62 Sex, Shopping and Club Hopping in Other Cities
Can't get to Manhattan? Fret not—we've come up with a list of hot nightclubs, stores, gyms and eateries in five metro areas

65 The Writing Team
You can't make this stuff up, which is why Darren Star, Michael Patrick King, Jenny Bicks and Cindy Chupack rely on their own lives for the story lines

69 Relationship Roundtable
Six experts debate why some women remain unattached

74 Single Women in TV History
Carrie and Co. are the latest in a long line of determined self-supporters who don't need men to round out their lives

80 Readers' Poll
More than 41,000 respondents shared their views on modern romance

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