Readers' Poll

updated 06/01/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/01/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Would you date a younger man?

Nearly 65 percent of poll respondents would date a man up to five years younger. Twenty years younger? Only 25 percent say they would.

Would you break things off if you found out your guy had cheated on you?

An unforgiving 82 percent say "Absolutely."

Have you gone out with a coworker?

Yup, say 62 percent.

Have you gone out with a married man?

No, they've never strayed into another woman's territory, say 61 percent. But watch your husbands around the 39 percent who say they have.

Have you gone out with someone you were embarrassed to introduce to your friends?

A sheepish 57 percent admit they have.

Have you gone out with a guy you considered a "fixer-upper" with potential?

An optimistic 60 percent say yes.

Was he worth the effort?

No, say 69 percent of those who took the gamble.

Would you have a longterm relationship with someone...

...who was good-looking but not much else?

Nearly all respondents—99.7 percent—say no.

...who wasn't handsome, but was a terrific (funny, caring, generous, smart) guy?

Sure, say 71 percent.

...just because he had money he was more than willing to spend on you?

No, say 64 percent. (Points for honesty to the remaining 36 percent.)

...who could rarely afford to pick up the check?

Yes, say 42 percent.

On a first date, have you ever met someone else you ended up going out with?

Perhaps surprisingly, 35 percent say they have.

Do you tell your girlfriends every last detail of your social life?

Not quite half of respondents—42 percent—divulge the whole truth.

Do you think it's possible to stay friends with a guy once you're no longer dating him?

One sure sign that mankind desperately needs to believe the best about itself: Fully 68 percent believe it is possible to stay pals with an ex-boyfriend.

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