What's Real? What's Fake?

updated 10/26/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/26/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT


FAKE: Jesse Metcalfe once worked for His stepfather's landscaping business but now leaves his own leaves and weeding to others.

REAL: Who keeps the real grass mown? Raul Punentes, 24, of Camarillo, Calif., who tends to Wisteria Lane full-time.


FAKE: All the wisteria vines and flowers seen on air are care of the prop department.

REAL: Unseen behind Bree's house are real vine (adorned with fake flora).


REAL: The show's main actresses arrive at the Universal lot under their own steam.

FAKE: They park their wheels in reserved parking spaces labeled with their characters' names.


REAL: The actual rosebushes on the front lawns are authentic.

FAKE: Mother Nature gets a helping sleight of hand with fake roses attached to the bushes.


REAL: The $15,000 diamond necklace that Carlos gives Gabrieile in episode 1 was on loan from Dejaun Jewelers in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

FAKE: Her square-cut engagement ring is so fake-and so huge—it's a cubic zirconia from Nordstrom.


FAKE: The ones in Gabrielle's dressing room—beneath prop-department clothes—don't open.

REAL: Some in accomplished chef Bree's state-of-the-art kitchen are stocked with cutlery.


REAL: Lynette's new office at Parcher & Murphy has real glass doors,

FAKE: You can walk through the walls. To avoid glare during filming, they're empty space.

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