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updated 04/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 96
His nuclear thriller with Jane Fonda is more timely than he could have known, and Michael Douglas has proved that his last production, Cuckoo's Nest, was no fluke

Up Front 36

The breakdown at Three Mile Island leaves a legacy of doubt among scared families, responsible officials, a contaminated worker and a pioneer of nuclear power

Congressional wife Marilyn Sharp finds a novel way to make herself famous and rich as well

Baroness Aïno de Bodisco sues designer Oscar de la Renta for a fashionable $2 million

Over the Tube 51
Consumer reporter Lea Thompson blows the whistle on hair dryers

Arts 57
Chinese pianist Liu Shih-kun tells a chilling story of his imprisonment by the Gang of Four

Off the Screen 66
Funnyman Albert (Real Life) Brooks is L.A.'s answer to Woody Allen

Sequel 70
Six years later, what's happened to TV's Loud family? Pat, Bill and Lance wonder themselves

In Style 77
Three California old-clothes junkies turn out handsome sew-'em-yourself patterns

Happy 83
Women comics are not a bad joke to Mitzi Shore, whose previous finds include Gabe Kaplan and Robin Williams

Crime 87
For NYPD Sgt. Charles Diggett, hypnosis is more powerful than the gun

Inventors 92
A latter-day Burbank, Calvin Lamborn breeds a super pea with an edible pod

In Trouble 95
Robert E. Lee becomes Roberto Eduardo Leon—and affirmative action comes under fire

Jocks 109
Dick Motta is the triggerman for the NBA defending champion Washington Bullets

Couples 115
Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager make beautiful music together

In His Own Words 120
Swiss physician Pierre Rentchnick asks: How healthy are those who govern us?

On the Move 129
Mary Martin's son Larry Hagman is back in the saddle as the heavy in TV's Dallas

Lookout 135

Track star Candy Young

Jazz guitarist Clint Strong

In the Money 142
Todd Strasser and his X-rated fortune cookies leave diners hungry for more

Winners 145
Teenager Mike Johnson earns the right to raise his illegitimate baby

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 14

Hal Linden, Kenny Rogers and Pat Boone star in Easter specials, and one lays an egg

There's a new Travis McGee hardback from John D. MacDonald, the macho mystery man

In her latest LP, Cher connects with only one song, a lament for Gregg Allman

Hair harks refreshingly back to that day of yore, the Age of Aquarius

Baseball's Dave Parker and Rod Carew lead their leagues in the off-season dollar race

People Puzzle 112

Star Tracks 118

Jacinte Giscard d'Estaing takes a groom

Ford and Reagan: a party alliance

Erik Estrada patrols a disco

Kay Starr digs Don Pastorini

Eric Clapton weds George Harrison's ex

Jon Voight boosts the Indians

Chatter 148

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