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updated 04/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

Jacinthe Giscard rides the bridal path
Jacinthe Giscard d'Estaing, 19, the youngest of the French president's four children, wasn't just horsing around when she met Paris architect Philippe Guibout, 29, on the equestrian circuit. After a secret three-month courtship gallivanting from discreet Parisian bars to the nearby Dampierre Horse Center, they made plans to wed this past weekend at Authon, a small Loire Valley village. A champion equestrienne since 14, Jacinthe will set up housekeeping in an exurban house with a large garden, a kennel and—of course—a stable. She won't, however, just live a horsy, ceremonial, Princess Anne sort of existence, but will continue her studies at the French National School at Maisons-Alfort. Her career plan: to become a veterinarian.

Reagan cracks crab
A Palm Springs fete for producer Hal Wallis turned out to be a desert classic. Gerald Ford was present as a local favorite son, but his 1976 (and possible 1980) foe for the GOP presidential nomination was also entitled. Ronald Reagan, after all, was a Warner lot contemporary of Wallis and was even considered for the Bogey role in Hal's Casablanca. In any case, while a piano tinkled As Time Goes By and everyone nibbled on cracked crab, the politicos reached one accord on what Reagan called "the tragic failure of the Carter administration's domestic policies." As to who was running harder, Reagan noted, somewhat invidiously, that his own schedule was so busy "I don't have time for golf."

Estrada revs up
Sprung from his CHiPs set, NBC motorcycle cop Erik Estrada patrolled New York's Xenon disco, barging one evening into a fashion show dansant and then an Olympic fund raiser. Next night, too late for a "Food and Other Pleasures" party for the Louis Falco dance troupe, he contented himself with the Others. Not the least was date Sharon Kovacs, NBC's director of talent and casting, which resulted in a picture that Erik's secretary-girlfriend Kathy Lautner will know just where to file.

Voight powwows
To boost tribal cultures, actor Jon Voight turned up at a Hollywood screening of Raoni, an Oscar-contending Brazilian documentary about the erosion of Indian life in the Americas. In a ceremonial shirt lent him by American Indian leader Dennis Banks, Voight cuddled Banks' 8-year-old daughter Tasina, while actor Max Gail held her sister Tiopa, 5. Yes, that's Choctaw leader and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest star Will Sampson standing sentinel.

Clapton weds Patti
British rock guitarist Eric Clapton, 34, certainly deserves his sobriquet "Slow-hand" when it comes to marriage. After going with George Harrison's ex, Patti Boyd, 34, for four years, he got around to tying the knot only last month. Even then he postponed taking out the license until a scant two hours before the nuptials (in a Tucson church). It follows that his rationale for marriage—this is his first—was less than Byronic in its passion. "I really just got tired," explains Clapton, "of getting turned down by girls in bars."

Pastorini scores
In the off-season, Houston Oiler quarterback Dan Pastorini, 29, has become not only a movie actor (he is cast with Karen Black in the forthcoming Piranha) but also a singer. Co-hosting a Houston Easter Seals telethon with Kay Starr, 56, Pastorini warbled his favorite song, Please Come to Boston, raising $500—and so impressed Starr (whose own Wheel of Fortune rendition earned no more) that she invited him to join her on another charity gig. Alas, Pastorini had to pass: He immediately underwent surgery for a deviated septum and could hardly talk, much less croon.

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