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updated 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 57
Burt Reynolds redigs his old Florida roots, opening a dinner theater and introducing his leading lady, Sally Field, to friends and family

Up Front 30

Abba Eban's wife, Suzy, makes a sentimental journey to the scenes of her Cairo girlhood

Harold Denton is the cool nuclear bureaucrat who ended the chaos at Three Mile Island

Cheryl Tiegs balances the pain of a troubled marriage with the joys of a new life and love

Billie Sol Estes, Texas con man and good ole boy extraordinaire, is hauled up on fraud charges again

In Trouble 43
Bonnie Bramlett TKOs Elvis Costello in a barroom punk-blues war

In His Own Words 47
Tennis pro Vic Braden talks about winning, losing and playing the game—on and off the court

Spirit 67
One of the most respected wine tasters in all California is a Christian Brother named Timothy

In the Money 73
Ted Roth is everybody's favorite uninvited guest; he could be the man with your million

On Stage 76
Audiences shy away, but Constance Cummings' acting career soars to new heights with Wings

Bio 78
Author John Cheever has beaten the bottle, but not all the demons inside him

In Style 87
Mel Brooks' son Maximilian, Neil Diamond's Micah and Cher's Chastity all wear Kathi Hodge designs, coyly labeled Brat Originals

Teacher 93
Students look up to ornithologist Heinz Meng, and for safety's sake to his falcons as well

Host 97
Norma Jean and Carole Darden discover classical soul food that goes back to their slave grandfather

Arts 102
Wendell Castle would have you pay $28,000 for something to sit on, but he throws in a nude

Couples 104
The love affair of singer Grace Jones and artist Jean-Paul Goude is as hot and kinky as her disco act

On the Move 111
Ex-Byrd Roger McGuinn is reborn—as a Christian and a rocker, but has he converted Dylan?

Lookout 116

Baton twirler Marci Papadopoulos

Greeting card designer Andy Vines

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 14

In a moving dramatic role, Carol Burnett plays the mother of a soldier killed in Vietnam on ABC's Friendly Fire

How well do you know your mate? Probably not as well as you think, if Dan Carlinsky's tests are any indication

The Allman Brothers Band has reformed, but not quite re-grouped

George Hamilton is the vampire and Susan Saint James a morsel in Love at First Bite

Up, up and away is the motto for product spinoffs and ripoffs of Superman

Star Tracks 119

The Shah of Iran: beached in the Bahamas

Robert Penn Warren and Eudora Welty chat

Linda Ronstadt tries on a python

Sophia Loren flogs her life

Is Susan Ford's spouse a Mr. Fixit?

Dick Van Dyke hams with Miss Piggy

People Puzzle 122

Chatter 126

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