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updated 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST


Even before the film opened, a fad was waiting to be born. So while Superman the Movie has grossed more than $30 million in the theaters, some 170 manufacturers are producing more than 1,000 items with the mark of the Man of Steel, and all pay loyalties to the Licensing Corporation of America which owns the Super-rights.

They range from the frivolous to the spurious, allowing little Superfans to redo their rooms in Superman wallpaper (North American Wallpaper Ltd., $6.98 per roll) or answer a Superman phone (Allied Telecommunications, Inc., $140). An adult Superbuff might start the day packing a blue-and-red canvas tote bag (Aviva Enterprises, $5) or an all-steel lunch box with a 3D scene from the movie on the lid (Aladdin Industries, Inc., $4.95) and wearing "S" frame glasses (OFO Inc., $40). Meanwhile a Krypton dog blanket (W. S. Wormser Corp., $1.50) will keep Fido warm. At home there are scenes from the movie (GAF Corp., $1.75) on the Viewmaster (GAF Corp., $4.95) and a beanbag chair (Babcock Phillips, $8.50). Meanwhile kids can hear tales of the strange visitor from another planet, from 1940 episodes of the long-running radio serial (Olympic Records, $4.95), on the Superman phonograph (De Jay Corp., $24.95) and read the current saga (in any of over 300 daily papers, 10¢ to 25¢).

Superfolks can bathe with Superman bubble bath from an 8-oz. decanter (Avon Products, Inc., $8) and brush their teeth with a battery toothbrush (Janex Corp., $3.98)—or repair a cut with a Superman Band-Aid (Colgate-Palmolive, 59¢). Enough? Never. There are pajamas (W.S. Wormser Corp., $4), a hooked rug (Hanan Yarns Inc., $9.98) and the same sheets and blankets Lois Lane must fantasize about (The Bibb Co., $9 and $35). Evil thinkers might consider a sample of Kryptonite, the only substance that can harm the Big S (Pro Arts, Inc., at $2.50 per). Parents pondering the cost of truth, justice and the American way might reflect on all that Davy Crockett paraphernalia in the attic—now potentially valuable collectors' items.

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