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updated 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/23/1979 AT 01:00 AM EST

The Shah dunks
Although the Shah of Iran has yet to find a permanent home in exile, he has landed in a succession of temporary ones fit for a king. The latest is the Ocean Club on Nassau's Paradise Island, where about 20 guests were ousted so the Shah, his family and entourage could settle into $250-a-day villas. Howard Hughes once hibernated a stone's throw away, but the Shah quite openly bounds into the blue Atlantic, where he swims and—could it be?—seems to be rehearsing an I-shall-return speech.

Warren meets Welty
Writing is a lonely profession—except for Elaine's glittering literati, which Robert Penn Warren and Eudora Welty are not. What brought the two together instead was an American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters party in New York to welcome 14 new members (including Susan Sontag and painter Larry Rivers). But not even cocktails, dinner, music and author Welty may be able to lure Warren back to the Apple for a while. He's holing up at home in Connecticut to finish a new volume of poems, which has been coming in, his publisher reports happily, "in gushes."

Ronstadt charms
Ms. Ronstadt, I presume? Yeah, there was Linda on a state (California) visit to Africa with Gov. Jerry Brown. At a birthday party honoring his 41st in Liberia, the entertainment included a snake charmer who braceleted Ronstadt with a pair of baby pythons. The guv and his lady also publicly coiled a bit at the Monrovia airport the next day before winging off to a Kenyan safari to check out bigger game.

Susan parks
Now that Susan Ford has wed Secret Service man Chuck Vance, they don't have to clutch in back seats. Still, with the honeymoon over, they tail-gated at the International Auto Show at New York's Coliseum, where Susan was shilling for Subaru. Later she took Chuck on an inspection tour of the underside of a hydraulic-lifted wagon. Groused Chuck: "Now she expects I'll be able to fix her car."

Loren rides a tiger
Sophia Loren has gone out on a limb—albeit a splendid one—to flog her memoirs. After a merciless six-city U.S. campaign, Sophia hit London, then lit home in Paris, where she was beseiged by more interviews and an autographing session (above) before a brief rest and more promo work in Germany and Japan. Asked by one columnist if it was more difficult becoming or staying an international star, Loren, 44, responded wearily: "It is difficult to climb on the tiger's back—and even more so to maintain oneself on it."

Van Dyke's pard is lard but lovely
Never one to postpone her rosebuds, Miss Piggy fell into the arms of Dick Van Dyke at the taping of a CBS special titled The Muppets Go Hollywood. As part of the package, Van Dyke played host at a wingding that lured celebs with a lobster meal, then, with cameras rolling, used them as backdrop for Piggy's entrance. It was Cleopatra-style, on a sedan couch, with puppeteer Frank Oz concealed inside. Later, still trailed by relentless chaperon Oz, Piggy took a turn on the dance floor with Dick. He confessed that he thought he was part Muppet himself because "I'm self-conscious about having legs, and I'll talk to anyone made of foam rubber."

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