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updated 04/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 34
Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown come back from Africa with their relationship—and his political future—more beclouded than ever

Up Front 38

Will Margaret Thatcher become Europe's first female head of government?

Cher gets drawn into a tragic child-custody fight in New York

She lived the script for Norma Rae, but the new hit film has brought little joy for Crystal Lee Sutton

Arts 47
Dynamic museum director Marvin Sadik vies with Ted Kennedy over George Washington

Spirit 51
Father David Hennessy has a heavenly mission to the Greatest Show on Earth

Off the Screen 54
Soap star Gil Gerard stops playing Doctor for a spacier vehicle—Buck Rogers

In Her Own Words 60
Criminologist Janet Barkas argues that crime victims are a forgotten minority

To the Top 65
Playing Folger's Mrs. Olson is a welcome grind for veteran actress Virginia Christine

On the Move 69
Will time tame Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, the last wild man of British rock?

In Style 75
Quilt salesman Bruce Mann takes his patchwork on the road

Out of the Pages 82
Bruce Jay Friedman writes an Rx for Lonely Guys, among whom he includes Jackie O

Bio 87
Still the hottest ticket in Vegas, Wayne Newton is king of the Strip

Jocks 93
Arty and unorthodox, triple jumper Milan Tiff thinks he can win an Olympic gold medal

On Stage 98
Michael McGiveney leaps into costumes faster than Superman in a phone booth

Winners 101
For the first time, the old man on a Coast Guard cutter is a woman, Beverly Kelley

Medics 107
Dr. Alvin Mauer and Danny Thomas fight children's leukemia at St. Jude Hospital

In the Money 111
Logger Efrem Specogna strikes gold in some western Canadian hills

Lookout 116

Model Kerry Harper

Yale Student Tech founder Tim Gollin

Sequel 119
Susan B. Anthony II first conquered and now lectures against alcoholism

Couples 129
Richard Bonynge is a willing Svengali to his diva wife, Joan Sutherland

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 18

Chris Sarandon and Lee Grant prove poignantly You Can't Go Home Again

New Hollywood biographies chronicle the lives of Paul Newman, Alan Ladd, Gene Tierney and John Ford

George Benson and Porter Wagoner are back at us with strong LPs; Art Garfunkel isn't

The Champ's maudlin sentiment and Ricky Schroder KO Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway

Star Tracks 79

Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller hook up

Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne is bikini-ed

Studio 54's Steve Rubell goes to jail

Melba Moore refloats her career

Tahiti loves John Travolta

People Puzzle 114

Chatter 132

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