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updated 04/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

No, tap-happy Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney aren't contemplating tying the knot. They're just rehearsing for Sugar Babies, their new "ultimate burlesque" musical, opening May 8 in San Francisco. "I'm admiring Ann's ring finger because I've been married so many times my own has turned into a thumb," limply quipped the 58-year-old Mickey. "It's an engagement ring from a mysterious multimillionaire" was how the three-times-wed, 60-year-old Miller explained her substantial piece of the rock. "I've got two or three—it's good to have a collection." In any case, it's a safe bet that there will be almost as many marriage jokes as short jokes in the show, which features 14 six-foot chorus girls. Miller's no stranger to the Great White Way, but if Sugar Babies makes Broadway, it will be 53-year-showbiz-vet Rooney's very first time.

Mayor Byrne re-cycles
Okay, so Jane Byrne didn't make the Guinness Book of World Records by being Chicago's first mayoral candidate to win every precinct (a later canvass showed she lost two—by a total of 80 votes). But give Her Worship this: She's gotta be the first Windy City mayor to wear a bikini. On a pre-inauguration vacation in Palm Springs, Jane, 44, got her chance. Between dips, she also cycled with husband Jay McMullen, 58, a veteran City Hall reporter turned Chicago Sun-Times real estate writer. Still recovering from the brutal Midwest winter, Byrne signed up for daily massages, facials, hot tubs and pedicures, and generally followed the election advice of Jay. "You're in good shape. Keep a low profile." As for himself, the ex-political reporter swears he'll do the same.

That Rubell rhubarb
Steve Rubell just looked threatened. That looming 6'6" hulk actually is his own hired bouncer, Sal Turkis, and the Studio 54 proprietor was just egging him on during a fracas that landed both in a Manhattan jail for 30 harrowing hours. In order to protect Robin (Mork) Williams from paparazzo Ron Galella, Rubell chased the photog and tangled with a Baltimore TV crew that was shooting him at work. "I got the tape," says Rubell, but the cops got him—and as for Galella, see the credit line. Rubell's reaction: "That bum."

Melba moors
On the crest again with two disco smashes, You Stepped into My Life and Pick Me Up I'll Dance, Melba Moore rewarded herself with a Disney World nightclub gig-cum-holiday with daughter Charli, 22 months. (Hubby Charles Huggins was back in Manhattan selling real estate.) "The trick is to keep this from going haywire," laughed Mama, referring to her motor-powered inner tube rather than her career, for a change. Now, with a new management "game plan," Melba, who first hit in Hair in 1968, sings a number in the current movie version and makes no apology for her new danceable repertoire, explaining: "I don't see how I can stay out of disco and be relevant."

Travolta in Bora-Bora
His South Seas getaway proved no respite for a weary John Travolta at first. In Tahiti he was mobbed by teenagers chanting "Disco King!" And even Bora-Bora is no longer remote, thanks to producer Dino De Laurentiis' unfortunate Hurricane. There Travolta found himself one evening fraternizing with an ecstatic guest at Dino's hotel. It was only on a mid-vacation idyll on the chartered yacht Aita Pea Pea that John really got away from it all. Upon debarking, he and his party (one other man, two women, but "business associates" all) versified in the ship's log: The nights were so starry, the scenery pure bliss/ It's seldom you'll see us as tranquil as this.

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