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updated 07/02/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/02/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 18
Taking his flirtatious noncandidacy to the crucial state of Iowa, Ted Kennedy puts Carter's advisers—and the Draft-Teddy forces—on red alert

Up Front 22

While Marthe Keller was away, Al Pacino met a hairdresser, ventured an old Laurence Olivier role and got clobbered by New York critics

Henry Kissinger talks about his memoirs, his work, and Labrador Tyler too

Priscilla Davis abandons her Texas house of horror—but she claims the fear of death follows her

In His Own Words 31
Chicago Prof. Morris Janowitz says everyone should be drafted—with a choice of military or civilian service

Happy 37
Top man on the Isle of Man, now celebrating its parliamentary millennium, is Manxman Sir Charles Kerruish

On the Move 41
John Travolta better get cracking—with Sunnyside, his big brother Joey is sneaking up, moment by moment

Arts 45
Since becoming the first non-Russian violinist to win the Tchaikovsky Competition, New Yorker Elmar Oliveira is hot as a rock star

Discovery 51
Interferon works against viruses; now Finland's Dr. Kari Cantell is pitting it against cancer

For a Song 58
Its defectors play with the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt, but now Poco is itself a name to reckon with in country rock

Jocks 65
None of life's hurdles seems high enough to bring down Maryland's track star Skeets Nehemiah

Couples 68
Novelist Nicholas (The Cruel Sea) Monsarrat finds that his third time at marriage is a charmer, Ann

Bio 72
Aloha, Ho: Honolulu crooner Don Ho lives the kind of earthy life that puts new meaning into Blue Hawaii

Inventors 79
Guppy love? After 62,280 matings, David Liebman bred a pink strain worth $100 a pair

In Style 80
Grooving housewives (inhale) shape up with Jacki Sorensen's aerobic dancing (exhale)

Adventure 86
For Curtis the airborne dog, tagging along after his master is a real blue-sky proposition

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Rob Reiner headlines his first comedy special with a little help from Martin Mull

Lana Turner says loving things, but Tyrone Power's bisexual life gets exploited in a new biography

New waver Patti Smith provides a refreshing ripple, and Bob Dylan puts new spin in some old standbys

Still in there punching—with a vengeance—Sly Stallone bounces back in Rocky II

Star Tracks 55

Björn Borg meets the Lido ladies

Jackie O puts down Kenneth Galbraith

Maureen Stapleton: of artists & models

Gary Busey leads Jodie Foster astray

Michelle Phillips plays Gene Tierney

People Puzzle 82

Chatter 88

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