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updated 07/09/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/09/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 20
The country is falling hopelessly in love with roller skating, and Olivia Newton-John leads the celebrity pack into healthful eight-wheel drive

Up Front 26

After a cocaine arrest, jockey Ronnie Franklin loses the horse he rode to triumph in the Derby and Preakness

Physician/photographer Matthew Naythons dissects Nicaragua's bloody civil war with his camera

In His Own Words 34
Historian Christopher Lasch eyes the "Me Generation"—and concludes narcissism is the mode of the '70s

For a Song 39
Suzi Quatro went from punk to pop—and success came Stumblin' In

Medics 43
John Grozine has five million potential patients in his waiting room every year—he's doctor to the house at Madison Square Garden

Out of the Pages 49
John Mitchell once again stands trial in his late wife Martha's new biography

Couples 53
Sandy Schuster and Madeleine Isaacson find love—and raise their six children—in a lesbian "marriage"

Inventors 59
Of mice and men: Art Boland, Ron Dilbeck and Phil Stover build a better mouse—by computer

Bio 60
George Hamilton's main Hollywood credits were women (Lynda Bird Johnson, Princess Soraya, a blonde swap with Rod Stewart) until he scored with Love at First Bite

Spirit 69
How are Popes elected? Priest/sociologist Andrew Greeley plumbs the "smoke-filled" intrigues of Vatican politics

Arts 73
Lillian Hellman plays poker and Bianca Jagger mops up (bathrooms) in the preening photography of Jean Christophe Pigozzi

In Trouble 79
Manicurist-turned-scenarist Bernice Mann combs Warren Beatty for $185,000 for borrowing her ideas for Shampoo

Lookout 82

Art supply dealer Howard R. Cooper

Pool shark Julie Bentz Fitzpatrick

In Style 86
Eileen Ford's size-16 supermodels Anne Harper and Lyne Pedola make it big in the world of high fashion

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Music relieves TV's summer rerun doldrums as PBS offers Eubie Blake, George Shearing and Arthur Fiedler

Too hot to eat? Not with Chris Casson Madden's delectable The Summer House Cookbook

State of Shock is intense, breakneck and raw, but not up to Ted Nugent's electrifying best albums

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is beneath a cast that includes Sally Field and Telly Savalas

Star Tracks 66

Mayor Ed Koch blows his own sax

Margaret Thatcher's son plays Paul Newman

Twiggy: a brassiere promoter's dream

Michael Jackson, Tatum O'Neal and Rita Hayworth boogie to the bank

Jimmy Dean tattles on Roy Clark

People Puzzle 84

Chatter 88

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