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updated 07/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/16/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 88
John Travolta's Pink Lady is a Radcliffe-educated ex-deb, but with her new CBS sitcom Just Friends, Stockard Channing doesn't need her trust fund anymore

Up Front 26

Donnie Wartenberg, 5, lives with one lung at the end of an air hose in a Chicago hospital—and wants desperately to go home

Stepping down as NATO chief, Gen. Alexander Haig eyes a higher command

How low can disco go? Bowie, von Furstenburg, Warhol and Aykroyd now get their kicks—and kinks—at Manhattan's decadent Mudd Club

Terre Fleener of San Antonio comes home from an Israeli jail praising the Palestinian cause

In His Own Words 39
Albert Lowry tells how you can still cash in on the real estate boom

In the Money 44
Writer and Rev. Richard (What Color Is Your Parachute?) Bolles cures those career-change blues

Over the Tube 49
Free of Peter O'Toole, Sian Phillips makes Rome burn in I, Claudius—and her home fires hot with a young lover

Host 53
Every household is into bread these days, but nobody bakes it better than Bernie Clayton

On the Move 57
Poor, multitalented Robby Benson—he's a workaholic at 23

For a Song 63
Thanks to Fleetwood Mac, it's Bombs Away for ex-Kingston Trio folkie John Stewart

Couples 66
Margaux Hemingway discovered filmmaker Bernard Foucher and now "Nobody else interests me"

In Style 71
If giants like Bill Russell or Luciano Pavarotti want a fit, Jerry Moscovitz is their tailor

Inventors 81
Harry Raupp makes it possible to touch a plant and light up your life

Happy 82
The Walton clan gathers to watch Jason—Jon Walmsley—wed his real-life love

Arts 85
Paints are passé and Mother Nature is the canvas for artist Dennis Evans

Crime 95
New Jersey psychic Dorothy Allison solves the missing persons cases the cops can't

Sequel 103
Little Feat's Lowell George will live on in the music of Ronstadt, Simon & Jagger

Lookout 109

Judo champ Bob Berland

Poker whiz Betty Carey

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Kristy McNichol's TV special Summer of My German Soldier merits another look

Two new books chronicle the bloody and bizarre Texas murders involving T. Cullen Davis and his ex-wife Priscilla

The freak rockers called Kiss try again with a new LP called Dynasty

Ali MacGraw finally gets to say "I'm sorry" in Players—and well she should

There's a newsletter for everyone—from coupon clipper to contest addict

Star Tracks 75

Charles Aznavour catches rays in St.-Trop

Anita Ward dances to a different music

Muhammad Ali hits the deck

Bruce Jenner outguns Ted Nugent

Millicent Fenwick gets a buss on the Hill

People Puzzle 106

Chatter 110

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