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updated 07/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 18
Stan Dragoti knew his legal troubles were over and hoped his marriage wasn't when he left a German prison cell to rejoin his wife, Cheryl Tiegs, in L.A.

Up Front 22

Sam Nunn is the senator to watch in the SALT debate—and fellow Georgian Jimmy Carter is watching

A U.S. priest investigates Dr. Tom Dooley's CIA connection

Forty-one whales die on an Oregon beach as scientists helplessly watch

The 1954 Hodges Meteorite set a Skylab precedent: If it hits your house, it's yours

Spirit 31
Trucker Sam Rust is an ordained minister whose 18-wheeler is a rolling church

Arts 32
Even without Peter Serkin and TASHI, clarinetist Richard Stoltzman has become a name

To the Top 37
Chris Wallace is ready for Prime Time (Tom Snyder's new news show), but can he handle dad Mike's 60 Minutes?

Discovery 41
Hard detective work yields a portrait of colonial Virginia for archeologist Ivor Noël-Hume

In Style 47
John Travolta, Donna Summer, Mick Jagger and Diane Keaton are all going soft with Giorgio Armani's unstructured look

Couples 53
Lauren (Love Boat) Tewes and John Wassel have a marriage that is going full speed ahead

Bio 58
Once Pablo Picasso's lover, now the wife of Jonas Salk, Françoise Gilot is, above all, an artist who lives by her own light

In His Own Words 64
Dr. Wilbur Thain reveals that his famous patient Howard Hughes died of aspirin and dehydration

On the Move 68
Few in Hollywood write a score or know it like Carol (Rocky) Connors, the love of Elvis, David Janssen and now Robert Culp

Sequel 75
Campaign '80 gets ugly as a liaison is reported between a British MP and Joan Kennedy

Lookout 78

Guitar improvisers Don and Doug Gabriel

Animal technologist Carla Skinder

Inventors 81
Dr. William Feinbloom develops glasses which allow the legally blind to see

Out of the Pages 82
Concerned by stagflation? Howard Ruff says stockpile food and get a gun

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

John Ritter and Suzanne Somers host a delightful TV retrospective of the '60s

A captivating novel is based on historical rumors of Thomas Jefferson's affair with a slave

Reliable veterans Paul McCartney, Carole King and, in tandem, Willie Nelson and Leon Russell turn out a trio of rewarding LPs

It's a hot Hollywood summer for Roger (007) Moore, Miss Piggy and Clint Eastwood, but Streisand and O'Neal are a nonevent

Star Tracks 62

A divorcée blabs about Prince Charles

Flip Wilson prays for his putter

Liz Taylor looks lovely at a sad occasion

Roman Polanski: I shall return

Ann-Margret goes disco at Roseland

People Puzzle 72

Chatter 84

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