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updated 07/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/30/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Charlie's angel
His granduncle had to abdicate the throne to marry a divorcée, so the odds were against anything permanent between Prince Charles, 30, and sometime girlfriend Jane Ward, 23, the ex-wife of a Royal Hussars captain. Sure, the precedent of Edward VIII dated way back to the less liberated 1930s, but the Queen was not amused when Jane told reporters, "Charles loves to flirt. I am very fond of him—we are very fond of each other." Even Jane's postscript that the idea of nuptials was "laughable" didn't help. So next the ex-Mrs. Ward had to apologize in print that "there's nothing worse than a girl who blabs." Then, for unexplained reasons, Jane quietly quit her job as assistant manager of the exclusive Guards Polo Club, where the prince rides off any frustrations.

Flip's flop
He used to say, "The Devil made me do it," but Flip Wilson took his troubles to a higher authority while golfing at Vail. The host of the tournament was ex-President Ford, and although Gerald was in top form, Wilson played more like Geraldine. As if he didn't have enough hazards already—what with two ex-girlfriends suing for support—Wilson kept teeing off into the river. So after the tourney he tore off to Reno to prove that there are clubs he can control better than his putter.

Liza & the new Liz
It would have been exhilarating if Elizabeth Taylor had emerged from seclusion just to show off her daughter Liza Todd, 21, and her own stunningly restored figure. But the occasion was sad: the funeral in Britain of her second husband, Michael Wilding. Four husbands later, Liz was still close to the actor she wed in 1952 at 20, and she regretted that the press dwelt mostly on the missing 25 pounds. Her secret: two weeks at a Florida fat farm, reportedly overpeppering her food and jogging daily with Sen. John Warner.

Roman holiday
However he made out in the chess game with a crony at scenic St.-Tropez, Roman Polanski's hand isn't on his head anymore over whether to make the big move back to L.A. His welcome home could include a jail term, since he pleaded guilty to sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl and then skipped the country 18 months ago. But by the release of his new movie (based on Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles), at the latest, Polanski will face the music. One reason is that there would be a new judge on the case.

Ann-Margret boogies
While trying out a disco routine at New York's Roseland, Ann-Margret, 38, traded in a conservative suit-hat-and-veil combo for some sweet nothing, and the reaction was plenty. It wasn't exactly new territory to her—she did a rousing disco number in a 1978 TV special and confesses the beat "arouses my primal instincts." She's obviously not alone. Wide-eyed regulars couldn't get close enough, and many, not all of them press agents, predicted a new career for A-M and puzzled as to how her upcoming movie came to be titled Middle Age Crazy.

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