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originally published 10/08/1979 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Margot Kidder
It's a shame that such an attractive, talented actress is so often given roles that she must rise well above to give them credence. Margot Kidder does so, nicely, in The Amityville Horror (PEOPLE, Sept. 17).
Carl Christian Gross
Hatboro, Pa.

The report that Arizona real estate developer Samuel Stangl has purchased our home is an absolute lie. We have owned the house on Ocean Avenue for almost three years now and have not sold it to Mr. Stangl.
James and Barbara Cromarty
Lindenhurst, N.Y.

Stangl says he had already put $14,000 down toward buying the house when the deal fell through. Negotiations are continuing.

Do you think that if The Amityville Horror book and show were bombs, certain people would call it a hoax? I doubt it. It just shows that if there's a buck to be made, anyone the least bit involved comes running.
M.L. Traska
Wausau, Wis.

Last month the $2 million suit against the couple featured in the book and movie, George and Kathy Lutz, was settled out of court. It had been brought by their first collaborator, who charged that the book was in effect a hoax. During the trial George Lutz admitted lying about some of the "horrors," and Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Jack B. Weinstein observed, "Based on what I've heard, it appears to me that, to a large extent, the book is a work of fiction."

Doc Counsilman
He's cracked! Fifty-eight and taking on that 12 to 14 hour Channel swim to strike a blow for the over-the-hill gang! But I'll tell you something: If it's Counsilman, that living legend from Indiana University, he'll make it.
Harriet Garzero
Port Washington, N.Y.

Annie Golden
Thanks so much for your exposure of the Shirts, but I'm a little bewildered. You seem to understand my approach to music but not my attitude toward the film industry. Movies are another art form I respect and I consider myself honored to have participated.
Annie Golden
New York City

Ira Angustain
For two hours I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't Freddie Prinze. Ira Angustain's performance in Can You Hear the Laughter? helped this "Chico" fan see Freddie once again.
D. Wood

Morton Werner
Hooray for Mr. Werner and Plug-Lok, but whatever happened to old-fashioned discipline? Our children (10 and 12) only watch one hour of TV a day because that's our rule.
Karen Kruse
St. Louis

Fred Ebb
After reading your article on lyricist Ebb, I know how and why he could write, "Life is a cabaret, old chum." He sounds like a regular guy. I'm glad you paid homage to my unsung hero.
Cathy Bernard

George Wallace
Your continuing to drag out George Wallace's so-called "saga" simply revives thoughts of an Alabama most of us hope is gone forever.
Timothy Smith
Hartselle, Ala.

I hate to look a gift plug in the mouth, but your item on me was inaccurate. Jerry Lewis, not Red Skelton, fired Norman Lear. Lear never worked for Skelton. The anecdote about the firing is in my biography of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis of a few years back.
Arthur Marx
Los Angeles

The Anthony Dollar
Why doesn't the government mint the coin in another color and make it easier to distinguish?
John D. Burack
Roslindale, Mass.

"We have tested several brass and gold-colored alloys, "says Mint director Stella Hackel, "but either the alloy cracked in the bonding process or the coin turned an unsightly yellow-green after several months. We will continue to research the possibilities of color."

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