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updated 01/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 52
Everything's coming up The Rose for Bette Midler; she's found a "beautiful" man, been likened to Streisand and is now a queen of cinema as well as camp

Up Front 14

The strange case of Ted Bundy: Police and prosecutors say he's a killer; his friends say he's the wrong man

Two sluggers named Norman Mailer and Ryan O'Neal mix it up in a New York ring: Cinema 1, Literature 0

Former GM executive John Z. DeLorean shakes up his old company and revs up a competitor

To the Top 29
Indian beauty Persis Khambatta took it all off (her hair, that is) for Star Trek, but was it worth it?

Adventure 33
As Kenya's anti-poaching chief, Ted Goss wages a bloody life-or-death battle to save elephants and rhinos from extinction

Bio 38
Author James Baldwin is still preaching, but his message is different from his racial pleas of the '60s

In Style 46
For affluent singles hungry for a date, Abby Hirsch is the godmother

Winners 48
Hollywood stunt man Stan Barrett blasts through the sound barrier in a rocket car

Happy 50
His love ballads never made it, but Roger Hallmark hits with a hate song: A Message to Khomeini

Inventors 56
Ann Dewar has tongues wagging about her hopeful new device to aid stutterers

Couples 62
At the White House Conference on Families, Jim Guy and Betty Tucker learned their own marriage is typically atypical

Arts 66
Mexican painter Diego Rivera still leapfrogs through the life of his amor, Lola Olmedo—20 years after his death

Jocks 68
Sixteen months after his crippling football injury, Darryl Stingley says, gratefully, he can feel pain at last

In Her Own Words 70
Concluding a two-part interview, Rosalynn Carter talks about her frustrations and joys as a First Lady, mother and political wife

For a Song 76
Fear of Music wasn't the Talking Heads' hangup, but the Top 40 LP that's made them the first group of egghead rock

Mail 3

People Picks & Pans 4

Frank Sinatra celebrates four decades in show business his way—with a multi-star TV retrospective

Spy master John Le Carre sends agent George Smiley back out in the cold

Peerless Stevie Wonder has crafted another challenging masterpiece—a Journey through the Secret Life of Plants

Director Bob Fosse and his star Roy Scheider may have invented a new form with the dazzling musical fantasy All That Jazz

Star Tracks 36

Who's Sammy Davis Jr. embracing now?

Robert DeNiro beefs up for The Raging Bull

John Belushi preens at his 1941 preem

Dustin Hoffman is nicely nosy

Pelé forgets his marriage at Regine's

People Puzzle 61

Chatter 78

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