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Kenny Rogers
When I pulled my PEOPLE magazine out of the mailbox and saw Kenny Rogers and his beautiful wife on the cover (Dec. 10), I jumped for joy. I'm glad his gamble finally paid off.
Terry Guerra
Englewood, Ohio

I adore the sexy, hirsute Kenny Rogers. I hate Marianne because she is so beautiful and has him. I envy their 13 million a year and their life-style. But 13 bathrooms? The poor man must have kidney problems.
Frances Wilson
Benton, Ill.

Kenny Rogers can sing, but his three failed marriages show a certain lack of substance in his makeup. Our heroes today are plastic creatures.
Katherine Johnson
Jamestown, N.Y.

Henry Kissinger
Since when do the principles of our country condone the use of torture and illegal imprisonment by any ruler in the name of progress and reform? This doublethink morality by the ex-Secretary of State is the prime reason for our nation's sharp decline in prestige.
Pam Wakhleh
Baton Rouge

Re the on-again off-again offer to the Shah of a U.S. residence: Why can't Carter let his own Secretary of State do his dirty work? Or are they beginning to recognize their own incompetence?
J.D. Dinneny
San Diego

Michelle Phillips
Mama v. Papa—strange story. As one who has followed Michelle's career, I always suspected she wasn't very accountable. Now I'm not so sure. If you really think about this, it's Papa John who comes off a flake.
Fate Alexander
Tampa, Fla.

Let me see if I've got this straight. John Phillips and his wife, Genevieve, give their kid away so they can go to Europe and "dabble with heroin" for a couple of years. Then they want him back. Gee, it seems that if someone was in the right they would raise hell in the courts if necessary, instead of stealing the kid away. Let's hope Michelle gets the boy back and soon.
E. Drake
San Antonio

Eliot Porter
Mr. Porter's gift of turning the overlooked details of nature into breathtaking works of art has been the inspiration for many photographers, myself included. He is one of the prime reasons photography is no longer considered a second-class art.
Barbara Harris
Jackson, Ohio

Not only does Eliot Porter extend himself for a picture, but it appears his subjects have a pretty grueling time themselves. He chops down a 50-foot spruce to get a picture of a nest of ruby-crowned kinglets. Result: two dead. Would he destroy the kinglets to get a picture of the spruce? I wonder if he has similarly terrorized nature during other efforts.
Peter Hisapuru
Manchester, Conn.

Rep. George Hansen
If our government leaders are telling the truth when they state the release of the American hostages is first and foremost, then they shouldn't mind who solves the situation. Applause and accolades to George Hansen for his mercy mission. The Administration should have praised his actions.
Galata Joseph
McKeesport, Pa.

You say Hansen is mercurial? I'm surprised he isn't exhausted from leaping back and forth over the fence,
depending on where he can get the most publicity. Beloved? No. An embarrassment and a clown.
Linda Tobias
Pocatello, Idaho

Sonya Ross
Our thanks to you for the sensitive treatment rendered a most important and difficult subject. May this exposure in the news media bring about corrective action and save others from a fate similar to the one our dear Sonya had to endure.
Luise M. Ross
Tonawanda, N.Y.

The death of Sonya Ross was indeed a tragedy. But the very purpose of Outward Bound is to meet danger head-on and overcome fear. I've climbed with instructor Doug Rovira and to call him unqualified is ridiculous. The death of a person on a climb is usually the fault of that person.
Dave A. Coddington
Littleton, Colo.

Keith Carradine
The state of Arkansas has already formed a posse that is anxiously awaiting Keith Carradine. We Arkansans are not Cro-Magnons as he may think. By printing this letter you are proving that some of us are even literate.
Karen Greenlee
Little Rock

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