updated 01/14/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/14/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Those Dallas Women
It's about time you recognized those three beautiful women of Dallas (PEOPLE, Dec. 17), who can do more than bounce and jiggle. They can act. Good-bye Jackie, Cheryl and Shelley. Hello Linda, Victoria and Charlene.
John D. Wilson
Wethersfield, Conn.

What of the matriarch Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes)? Such grace and elegance should not be ignored.
Sher Morse
Southbridge, Mass.

We can sympathize with Linda Gray's being "an 18-year overnight success." Perrier is a 72-year overnight success, having been in the United States since 1908. I was surprised, however, that Linda "gave up Perrier because of the salt content." Perrier, frequently recommended for those on low-salt diets, is virtually sodium-free.
Anita M. Tiburzi
New York City

Victoria Principal can't be "at least a dozen years older" than her 22-year-old husband. I'm not, and Victoria and I were the same age at good ol' Rumble Junior High School. She is more than five, but less than 10, years older than Christopher. Vickie, your secret's safe with me.
Tina Wall

The Corps de Ballet
How good to see an article about American Ballet Theatre's labor problems—and a fair report it was. I was especially happy to read of the active involvement of my favorite dancer, Gelsey Kirkland. That took courage and strength of character on her part. I hope this situation is settled soon; 1980 is ABT's 40th-anniversary year and thousands of ballet lovers eagerly await their touring season.
Mary Lu Linnane
Glen Ellyn, Ill.

The labor dispute ended in December. The tour begins February 4.—ED.

Robert Garwood
If Robert Garwood had come home in a wheelchair, the Marine Corps' interest in him would have been shamefully absent. Wasn't 14 years as a POW punishment enough? I wonder if the grief of Vietnam will ever end.
Sherry Huffman
Buena Park, Calif.

Garwood did what he had to do. It's survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten, and Garwood did just that.
Delmer Dukart
Dickinson, N.Dak.

Germaine Greer
Greer calls Mailer (a far more accomplished writer) "a tragic little figure," yet what a pitiful example of the female of the species. She sleeps with men ("I don't expect anything else from them") but wishes she were a lesbian (she should try harder). She "careens around in a rented Mustang with a pint of Jack Daniel's under the front seat"—like an immature 16-year-old (macho?).
Tom Hanson
Owensboro, Ky.

Greer wants a baby at 40? Then a book on world population problems? Oh! Give me a break and her the Pill.
Sally O'Leary
Taycheedah, Wis.

In your article explaining why Iran turned to violence and Khomeini, you did not once mention that many of these people have friends or relatives who were tortured by the Shah's secret police which he set up with the help of the CIA. If we are to deal intelligently with these fanatical people, we must understand their legitimate grievances as well as their foibles.
Gerald Rosen
San Francisco

I have never heard of using whiskey, laudanum or oven gas to quiet a crying baby. Like the mother who told her child not to put beans in his ears, why give ideas to potential child abusers?
Susan Schneider
Lincolnwood, Ill.

Anne Murray
To her many fans, Anne Murray is definitely not "boring." It's a refreshing change to know that an artist of her caliber has such a balanced control over her public and private lives, with priorities clearly defined.
Denise Giangregorio
Winthrop, Mass.

It's not Ms. Ronstadt's idiosyncrasies, but rather her unique talents that separate her from all those others who presume to be her peers.
Phil Doer

Laurence Olivier may be a fine actor, but his knowledge of trapping is sad. After 20 years of trapping I have yet to hear a fox scream, and I do not use traps with teeth or know anyone who does. Unthinking remarks like his are what people will read and believe.
Steve Mowers
Togo, Minn.

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