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updated 01/14/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/14/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Edwards' '22'
Director-writer Blake Edwards is feeling high as the Alps these days. Thanks to the success of his smash "10" (current gross: $48 million), he and wife Julie Andrews, one of its stars, are thinking seriously of buying a custom-built oceangoing yacht they've wanted for years. Until then, Edwards is enjoying the landlocked amenities of posh Gstaad, Switzerland with Julie and the five kids (three by previous marriages and their two adopted Vietnamese orphans). Here at the chalet, he's with his daughter Jennifer, 22, who is no stranger to the Alpine air. Eleven years ago she starred in the famous TV movie rendition of Heidi.

Ashe's quadruple
Tennis ace Arthur Ashe, 36, called it jokingly "a plumbing job" as he revealed his scar. His New York surgeon, John Hutchinson, gave a more clinical description of the quadruple bypass surgery necessitated by complications after Ashe's July heart attack. "Arthur feels the clouds have lifted," says his lawyer and old tennis star friend, Donald Dell. "But whether he can play big-time tennis, time will tell." Arthur's prognosis? "I think you'll see me at Wimbledon in June."

Allman's Wife No. 4
In his continuing battle with alcohol and life, rocker Gregg Allman, 32, has found a new shoulder to lean on: that of his bride of two months, Julie Bindas, 20, a former cocktail waitress from New Jersey whom Allman met a year ago on Daytona Beach. When he signed himself into the Palm Beach Institute, a rehabilitation center that lets family members live in as co-patients, Julie came along. Now released and apparently mellowed, Gregg is paying her back. "He holds doors open for me and lights my cigarettes," says Julie. "I love being pampered."

Ali gets laced
On a holiday jaunt to Manhattan with her son, Josh Evans, 8, Ali MacGraw wanted to let the good times roll. So, after taking her offspring (by her producer ex, Bob Evans) to a slew of movies, plays and the obligatory Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, she headed with him and her current steady, actor Peter Weller, to the Roxy Roller Rink. Ali and Peter, who co-stars with her in Just Tell Me What You Want, enjoyed their first spin so much they signed up for a second lesson. Josh, a seasoned skater, found it okay, but said he could do without the disco music.

Cher's bottom line
Cher never turns her back on a good cause. So when the L.A. Free Arts Clinic staged a $125-a-ticket benefit performance for abused children, she joined worthies like Kris Kristofferson, Melissa Manchester and Dudley Moore on a Sunset Strip stage. Her rendition of Fire was plenty hot, and so was her new stage act. It had her cavorting around like a storm trooper and flashing the large floral tattoo she recently added to accompany the smaller butterfly on her right netherside. Her bittersweet charity even extended to recently re-wed ex-husband Gregg Allman. "Being married to Gregg was like going to Disneyland on acid," she told the audience. "You knew you had a good time, but you just couldn't remember what you did."

Drac & Emmanuelle
An old-style Hollywood pro who's not too highfalutin to promote his properties, George Hamilton shlepped all the way to Japan on behalf of his Dracula spoof, Love at First Bite. At one appearance he went so far as to get into his elaborate Drac drag and makeup. Once, in his typical playboy badinage, the First Bite star conceded that he would like to sample some Japanese morsels, but he added that what he most wanted to get his teeth into was the local raw fish. He was obviously being doubly diplomatic, for dogging his every step during the promo junket was George's latest companion, Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, best known for the soft-core porn film Emmanuelle.

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