updated 01/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Year-End Issue
As always, your special double issue is beautiful (PEOPLE, December 24-31).
Sandra McNess
Silver Spring, Md.

I can't believe you actually had the nerve to put Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini among the 25 Most Intriguing People of 1979. Why didn't you have a "Most Talked About but Hated" section?
Jeannine K. Augustine
Norfolk, Va.

Gloria Vanderbilt
I had a good laugh. A reader's letter in this issue complains that Jordache jeans portrays women as "mindless zombies who parade around sticking their derrieres in everyone's face," and that at least Vanderbilt and Sasson have class. Further on in the issue, I came across two full pages of derrieres sticking in my face—with Gloria Vanderbilt right in the middle. Now that's class.
Mrs. B. Carnahan
Los Angeles

Aleksandr Godunov
You say that Godunov "has yet to give a single performance" since defecting. I'm curious to know how this jibes with the newsphoto of him and Cynthia Gregory taking a bow after the pas de deux from Le Corsaire.
P. C. Terra
San Jose, Calif.

The picture was of a rehearsal taped for TV but not yet aired. Godunov is expected to perform in Europe.—ED.

Margaret Thatcher
The rise of conservatism in Britain which led to Margaret Thatcher's election will, hopefully, not signal a trend on the Continent, but it seems to be working for Britain, and so does PM Thatcher. Not only is she helping reshape the ailing kingdom to function in a new Europe of the '80s, she is doing it with hard work, dedication and efficiency rather than expensive bureaucratic experimentalism (U.S. take note).
Robert Harris
Los Angeles

Paul Volcker
Mrs. Volcker's "admission" of "eating a lot of hamburger" was somehow imperious, if unintentionally so. Those families who, like the Fed chairman's, have had to go from steak to hamburger should consider going from hamburger to neck bones and fatback, as many more American families have done. Perhaps then, "getting by" on $60,700 annually wouldn't seem so bad.
Mel Hawkins
Dahlonega, Ga.

Deborah Harry
Blondie is a most fitting and long-awaited usurper of the throne of what has become dying disco. They are electric and refreshing.
Y. Hsueh

Women Veeps?
I was pleased to see Shirley Temple Black named as a good choice for Vice-President, but appalled at the caricatures of all 10 women. You wrote glowingly of the ladies' qualifications, then reduced the story to a ridiculous level with those fearsome portraits.
Jackie Musgrave

A delighted Gov. Ella Grasso asked for the original of hers.—ED.

William F. Buckley Jr.
A language scholar such as Mr. Buckley should be able to distinguish between the words "equal" and "same." As Buckley's tardy prophet says, "Men and women are different." However, they are also equal, just as 3+1 and 2+2 are not the same, but both equal 4. The liberation movement is relevant for and affects both men and women. I hope the '80s will see further recognition, tolerance and appreciation that all people are different but together and equal in human society.
B. Lauria

How could you?
Now wait a minute! Your fine year-end issue claimed to deal with the "Most Intriguing People of 1979." Yet you failed to mention the renewed interest in vampires! Count Dracula does not think your unfortunate oversight can go without a biting comment.
Joseph Scovitch
College Park, Md.

Who had a better year than Mork himself, Robin Williams?
Robin Carr
Foster City, Calif.

Bruce Springsteen?
Joni Delaney

The brilliant Martin Sheen?
Bruce Douglas Shutan
Hamden, Conn.

Sally Field and the Divine Bette?
Marcia Green

Mother Teresa?
H. Elizabeth Mason
Niagara-on-the-Lake, N.Y.

TV Anchor Stars
McHugh and Hoffman say that NBC News teaming established "personality" anchors by teaming Huntley and Brinkley. If so, it was an accident, and one that haunts us. What people, including McHugh and Hoffman, forget is that Huntley and Brinkley never spoke to each other except to say goodnight, which was the shortest close we could think of. They reported news to the audience. The chitchat and bad jokes, the "family" identification that passes for news these days is not news but soap opera, a disservice to the profession and a fraud on the audience.
Reuven Frank
New York

Reuven Frank, senior executive producer for NBC News, was the executive producer of the Huntley-Brinkley Report.—ED.

Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett a loser? C'mon, she's dating Ryan O'Neal!
Sylvia Green

Carol Burnett
I want to thank you for the manner in which you reported my family's story. I would like to add, and emphasize, that parents and drug abusers should not be discouraged if a particular program doesn't work for them. The first professional help we tried didn't work for my daughter Carrie. The second one did. There are many excellent drug programs throughout the country. My suggestion is that concerned parents/drug abusers contact their local offices of Alcoholics Anonymous, Families Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for recommendations in their communities.
Carol Burnett
Los Angeles

Picks & Pans
Rosanne Cash and Dolly Parton the best of '79? Get serious. Kiss and Foreigner are probably the hottest groups of that year. Who does your Song reviews? Eighty-year-old grandmothers from Nashville?
Jeff White
Wenatchee, Wash.

I beg to differ with your panning of PBS's Connections. Although it was quite nonlinear, it clearly demonstrated both the deliberate and random nature of technological advancement. I think it was just over your heads.
Michael Rini
Shingle Springs, Calif.

The Refugees
I just read your Editors' Note about Vietnamese refugees. With a status as a Vietnamese refugee, I am gratefully thanking the Americans for helping us. The Vietnamese will never forget the generosity and the freedom the United States has given us. As example, I have had a well paid job and am enrolling in an American university. I could never do that in Vietnam. Therefore, I will make the munificent Americans proud of me, which means I am working hard and trying my best.
Sang Thi Le

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