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updated 01/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Wedding belles
Wedding bells pealed in Paris as two distinguished papas parted with daughters. Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo's Florence, 20, married American artist Larry Andrews, 27, and cellist Mstislav Rostropovich's Elena, 22, a pianist, said yes to South African violinist Pieter Daniel, 25. After honeymoons, the couples will take up la vie amercaine—the Andrewses in Seattle, the Daniels in Vermont. But whereas the Rostropovich clan observed stately Russian Orthodox rites and decorously tangoed and waltzed, the Belmondos ran through a three-minute ceremony and discoed till dawn.

Brokaw unbuttons
"I don't wear a tie every chance I get—it's probably a carryover from California," says Today's Tom Brokaw, caught open-collared with wife Meredith at Woody Allen's New Year's Eve soirée. "It defied an American myth," he said of the event, which is now approaching mythic proportions. "It proved that not all New Year's Eve parties are an utter bore."

Who's equal to Jane?
The hamstring is always out for a good cause at the Beverly Hills exercise studio called Jane Fonda's Workout. Its profits normally go to her husband's Campaign for Economic Democracy, but this month the proprietress held a special $100-a-head class to build a war chest for ERA, which she called "as important as antislavery was in the 19th century." Some 35 takers, including AN MacGraw and Kate Jackson, bent to Jane's will in the arduous 45-minute session. About the only person not equal to it was one of the two men present. "I had trouble keeping up," puffed actor Arnold Kelman, "and I thought I was in shape."

Dutch threat
While vacationing in Austria, the Netherlands' Prince Claus—reluctantly, for obvious reasons—obliged photographers begging him to "jump, just once," off a bump on an Alp. Princess Beatrix, his wife, declined: "I'm not in shape for that anymore." Two years ago she spilled before the cameras. The image of royal suspension is oddly appropriate: Until Queen Juliana, 70, decides to pass the crown to Beatrix, she and Claus are pretty much up in the air.

Winter Warnerland
Although she slipped and damaged a pinky last winter stepping from an icy New York sidewalk into a limo, Elizabeth Taylor has developed no fear of frost. In wintry Gstaad, Switzerland, Liz and husband John Warner shopped and shucked off senatorial politics in the company of several of their offspring from earlier marriages. John also schussed in moderation, but Elizabeth has given up the slopes because of a bad back, which she first injured 37 years ago filming National Velvet.

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