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originally published 01/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Rebound Bolshoi Ballet defector Aleksandr Godunov will not make his Western debut with an American troupe. The troubled star recently jeté-ed back across the Atlantic in search of artistic freedom and will probably dance in West Berlin. Since his August defection Godunov, 30, was grounded by a lockout at the American Ballet Theatre and grew increasingly frustrated. Fellow dancers say they'll miss his talent but not his bouts of selfish temperament. "No one," lamented an associate, "can control Aleksandr."

Artless Politics Andy Warhol loves parties, but he may love the Democratic one best. He's at work on a portrait of Ted Kennedy for a campaign poster ("Probably in the style of Marilyn"), which he plans to donate to the senator's election committee. "I just want to show how great-looking he is," bubbles Andy. Besides that, Warhol recently turned over $1,000 to a Carter fund raiser, noting: "I think he's doing a really good job and I like Amy." Warhol has also shown up at "a lot of Jerry Brown things," and once put Brown on the cover of his Interview magazine. If that isn't confusing enough, Andy also says: "I like George Bush too."

Send in the Crowns While the Shah of Iran lay ill in New York, his wife, Farah, behaved more like a temporarily unemployed empress than one without a country. Between visits to the hospital, the Shahbanou browsed at Fifth Avenue's elegant Van Cleef & Arpels, where she spent time looking at jewels for a crown. Explains a source close to the family: "She, almost more than the Shah, believes that they will return in triumph. Old dreams die hard."

The Runner Grumbles No, acting isn't at all peaches and Perrier. Ask Suzanne Pleshette, who was horrified to learn that she had to master jogging for her upcoming CBS movie If Things Were Different (page 10). "You have to understand that to me, going from the front door to a booth in a restaurant is exercise," complains the former latter half of the Bob Newhart Show. "But I was running three miles a day for this. It was the first time I was seen with my heels touching the ground in years." (Only 5'4", she usually wears spikes.) After one strenuous workout, she shivers, "My legs locked, and my husband literally had to walk me out of Ma Maison." For her footwork Pleshette received a gag stunt check for $1—which she had framed.

South of the Border Producer llya Salkind, 34, who is making millions with Superman, apparently isn't anxious to share it with his soon-to-be ex-wife, actress Skye Aubrey, 35. Perhaps mindful of California's tough community property laws, Salkind, at their L.A. divorce hearing, claimed he lived at 13 Chabacanos Street in Chalco, Mexico—only to have Aubrey's lawyers reveal in pictures that the address was a weedy lot improved by the presence of a toolshed and some strolling pigs.


• Campaigning in Nebraska, Mark Connally, 27, said that he sometimes argued with his father, presidential candidate John, but that Dad was usually right. "The last time we disagreed was when I proposed planting a crop on our ranch, and he challenged my figures," young Connally explained. "He was right. I found I had left out the cost of labor."

• This is the year the Olympic decathlon champ, Bruce Jenner, 29, will lose his title if not his world record. Not to worry: There are compensations. Among other adventures—mostly lucrative—Bruce is now involved with Elvis' ex-sweetheart, Linda Thompson, 27. "He's a wonderfully decent person," says Linda.

• Do You Know the Way to Monterey? could become Ricardo Montalban's new theme song. That California seaside hamlet will be the setting for his next round of commercials for the Chrysler Cordoba. They used to be filmed in Spain, before Chrysler ran into financial troubles.

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