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updated 01/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 55
As the official investigation of Elvis Presley's death convenes, the charges of coverup won't go away and even his own doctor testifies that the King of Rock'n'Roll had a drug problem

Up Front 18

The Shah and his wife, the Shahbanou, talk candidly about their troubled lives since fleeing Iran

Ballerinas Gelsey Kirkland, Cynthia Gregory and Leslie Browne are all at a turning point in their careers

Colin Prescot has a hot-air balloon that fits in a bag—could it be just the ticket for harried commuters?

Being Deep Throat was a nightmare, says Linda (Lovelace) Marciano, now a suburban housewife and author of Ordeal

On the Move 32
Dockworkers boss Thomas Gleason ships a message to Moscow: Get out of Afghanistan

In Trouble 36
Butterfly McQueen's wings were pinned by overzealous security guards; now she's fighting back with a $300,000 lawsuit

Teacher 39
Harvard historian Oscar Handlin has no patience with peddlers of myth

In Her Own Words 44
Women on Top author Jane Adams discovers that for female executives being there is all the fun

To the Top 49
Pernell Roberts dumped TV's Bonanza for his muse, but Mammon led him back to Trapper John

Couples 65
Ex-Moonies Gary Scharff and Barbara Underwood are united in their fight against the Unification Church

Discovery 70
The oil giants can't wait to see geologist Alfred Ziegler's maps of prehistoric continents

Medics 76
Dr. Anthony Moulton operates on Search for Tomorrow as well as on real cardiac patients

Spirit 78
Carmelite priest Norman Werling is a handwriting expert who gives a helping hand to police

Bio 80
At 77, Georges Simenon has forsaken les girls and Inspector Maigret for one woman and retirement of sorts in Switzerland

Split 88
Can a single parent have a live-in lover and keep the kids? Jarrett vs. Jarrett says no

Song 94
Cybill Shepherd has lots to sing about: new husband, new baby, new career as a jazz chanteuse

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Telly Savalas and Lynda Carter get a kick out of a world-class circus competition

Ex-trumpeter Laurence Gonzalez blows up a stormy insider's novel about the pop-music business, Jambeaux

The Kendalls, daddy Royce and daughter Jeannie, sing of sin and temptation just as though they weren't kin

As a gardener who stumbles into power, Peter Sellers is subtler than Inspector Clouseau but just as funny

Star Tracks 74

Eubie Blake and Lou Rawls team up

Henny Youngman is bar mitzvahed at 73

Andy Williams takes the clan to the Alps

Artist James Rosenquist hides in the brush

Leslie Caron has a young double

People Puzzle 90

Chatter 96

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