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updated 01/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Eubie draws a blank
What a duet—Eubie Blake and Lou Rawls. Actually, the two were brought together at the Beverly Hilton Hotel not as music makers but as drumbeaters for the 1980 Grammy Awards. Legendary composer-pianist Blake, who was up for a Grammy as a kid of 86 and who will turn 97 next week, and three-time winner Rawls announced the nominees. Ticking off the Best New Artist contenders, Blake asked Lou's help with names like Dire Straits, the Knack, the Blues Brothers, Rickie Lee Jones and Robin Williams. In mock consternation Eubie complained: "The only name I recognize is Mork."

Henny comes of age
As a child in Brooklyn, Henny Young-man lost out on his bar mitzvah when a cousin died on the sacred day, and his parents never rescheduled the event. Now 73—60 years late—the comedian got around to it at the Resorts International Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. The ceremony was attended by the Sadie he made famous ("Take my wife—please") and some 450 friends like cheek-pinching comic Norm Crosby. Aside from the inevitable one-liners there were also tears from Henny, who turned the ritual declaration upside down: "Today I am a boy."

Rosenquist in eclipse
New York's Whitney Museum invited 1,000 U.S. artists to its 50th-anniversary fete, and just about everyone from Jasper Johns and Red Grooms to Marisol and Phillip Pearlstein showed up. Waxing grandiloquent about the turnout of stars, pop painter James Rosenquist declared: "They arrive from nowhere, shine, then disappear." Upon which his date, fledgling artist Robin Carpenter, helped Rosenquist do the same, eclipsing his face behind the foliage of a potted tree.

Swiss Family Williams
Although Andy Williams owns one-third of the snitzy new Aspen Ski Lodge (replete with fireplaces in the rooms and multifaucet Jacuzzis), that Colorado town is basically the turf of ex-wife Claudine Longet. For his personal skiing, Williams heads elsewhere, often to the Alps and especially to Gstaad, Switzerland, where the celebrities are thicker than the pines. He spent some time there lately with girlfriend Laurie Wright (far right) and his three kids, Bobby, 10, Noelle, 16, and Christian, 14, skiing and scotching reports that he and Claudine are reconciling. Longet was back in Aspen and still living with Ron Austin, one of the lawyers who defended her during her 1977 murder trial.

Caron et fille
In her new movie Tous Vedettes, Leslie Caron, 48, plays a former Hollywood star who flirts shamelessly with not one but three young men, and outright seduces the beau of her daughter (Kitty Kortes-Lynch). The boyfriend (if not Mom) might be forgiven the transgression, considering the striking resemblance between the two beauties. Kortes-Lynch, a Texas-born newcomer, was cast for the parallels. Like Caron, who was a petit rat at the Paris Opera long before her film debut in An American in Paris, Kitty danced at Maurice Béjart's Brussels school. So, twinkles Caron: "We have more in common than just sparkling blue eyes and big teeth."

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