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updated 02/04/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/04/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 28
Feeling "burned out" after 19 years in pro tennis, Chris Evert, 25, makes "the toughest decision of my life" and puts her $1 million career on hold in favor of husband John Lloyd's

Up Front 32

Presidential candidate John Anderson finds it's lonely at the bottom

In a brash break for stardom, 11-year-old Tina Payne scandalizes even Hollywood

Was Ford's Pinto a killer? A DA and Watergate's James Neal take it to court

Out of the Pages 41.
No longer Looking for Work, Susan Cheever finds a novel profession just like her dad's

Over the Tube 45
Comedian David Letterman is an early favorite to fill Johnny Carson's chair

Medics 49
Dr. Anthony Daly's patients are the U.S. Olympic team—but he also offers second opinions to pros like Bill Walton

Crime 53
Chicago fireman John Steinmetz loses a heroic confrontation with arson

In Style 56
Hairstylist Mary-Lou Green struts her stunts on the likes of Deborah Harry and Rod Stewart

Happy 63
Voted the truckers' favorite deejay, Big John Trimble gets taken for a ride six nights a week

Bio 66
Rebel educator John Simon helps a school system's rejects make the grade

Jocks 76
Pro basketball's star of stars is Iceman George Gervin

Off the Screen 80
The latest Bottoms brother to land on top is Joe in Disney's Black Hole

Teacher 84
Lissome Lilias Folan is America's best-loved fitness yogi since Berra

In His Own Words 86
Which nations are heading for turmoil? Marvin Cetron computes a disturbing list

Song 90
Disco's not enough for Donna Summer—she's into pop-rock, motherhood and God

On the Move 96
Cartoonist Bud Sagendorf am what he am—the man behind Popeye

Lookout 102

Editor Tina Brown

Golfer Billy Mayfair

Adventure 105
Ex-housewife Jennifer Roy prospects for a grandmother lode of gold

In Trouble 111
A Tokyo drug bust brings hard days and nights to rock star Paul McCartney

On Stage 112
The show Siegfried and Roy put on in Vegas is positively beastly

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Bob Newhart chases Leigh Taylor-Young; and Bob Hope, Loni Anderson and Jill Clayburgh also highlight the TV week

The National Lampoon's 10th-anniversary anthology is often funny, always in bad taste

Tom T. Hall spins clever, cloying tunes, while Bob Marley wails back in force

Art Carney, George Burns and Lee Strasberg can't rise above a golden age caper film

Star Tracks 72

George Bush runs—daily

Studio 54's Steve Rubell gets down—in jail

Megan Marshack, meet Charles Addams

Cheryl Tiegs is hobbled

Frank Sinatra honors a Nazi-hunter

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 114

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