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updated 02/11/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/11/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 65
Bo Derek, 23, has followed her controversial husband's "10" Commandments, but now Hollywood wonders if John, 53, is running her career or ruining it

Up Front 26

The mysterious Sultan of Oman guards the West's lifeline to Arab oil

Should women be drafted? Rep. Patricia Schroeder says yes—and no

Grieving for another, yet different, victim of violence in Ireland, Betty Williams says peace still has a chance

With gold prices on a rollercoaster, financial expert Louis Rukeyser advises investors to go slow

Spirit 41
Rev. Robert Kramer warns that the dope trade is going after grade-schoolers

Split 45
First the Mormon Church, then her husband, Richard, turns away from ERA advocate Sonia Johnson

In Trouble 49
For Moscow Olympics merchandiser Stanford Blum, the prospect's bearish

For a Song 50
Even though Ronstadt prótegée Karla Bonoff split with producer Kenny Edwards, her Restless Nights are looking up

Arts 55
Violinist Sascha Wolas played his own concerto in Carnegie Hall, and it only took 81 years

Out of the Pages 59
A bizarre first novel about a nun who kills her infant son puts Cathy Breslin in the habit of success

In Style 72
Cicely Tyson and Stevie Wonder did it first, but guess who made cornrow coifs a craze?

On the Move 76
Eugene and Franne Lee have big designs—they've won Broadway Tonys and did NBC's Coneheads

Bio 86
Jerry Buss is his name, Monopoly is his game; now the L.A. pro basketball and hockey teams are both his sport and his pastime

In Her Own Words 92
Lucy Ball loves Mork, Midler and Carol Burnett—but has reservations about Lily Tomlin

Lookout 99

Assistant chief of protocol Ken Hays

Twin models Renée and Ramona Rolle

Discovery 103
Being a repressed left-hander may cause serious medical and psychological problems, theorizes Dean Trembly

Couples 107
Joan van Ark got some good advice from Julie Harris and newsman hubby John Marshall and still wound up in Knots Landing

Adventure 114
When water freezes, Jeff Lowe climbs it

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Barbara Mandrell, Merle Haggard and Nancy Sinatra reminisce in NBC's Elvis Remembered

A new collection of 248 drawings by cartoonist Peter Arno has 248 wicked laughs

Pink Floyd's new double LP, The Wall, is complex but satisfying

Marsha Mason plays, in effect, herself, and James Caan is Neil Simon in his semi-autobiographical film Chapter Two

Star Tracks 80

George Burns co-stars with a young Gracie

Michael Wilding Jr. "disco-pops" in Paris

Michael Moriarty turns playwright

Pat O'Brien surveys booze—soberly

James Brady rates the Nielsens

Sally Field lofts Dustin Hoffman

People Puzzle 110

Chatter 116

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