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updated 02/18/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/18/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 96
After four rustic years, a renewed Robert Redford is back in movies as The Electric Horseman, trying directing (Mary Tyler Moore) and also learning from his kids—one daughter is 19

Up Front 24

Chrystie's expecting, but Bruce Jenner split for auto racing and Elvis' ex, Linda (Hee Haw) Thompson

A right-wing fanatic with matching funds? Lyndon LaRouche proves it can happen here

It was Warner vs. Warner as Liz warred with John over women in the Army

Anthropologist Richard Leakey will work again—thanks to his brother's kidney

Actor Roy Dotrice brings Abraham Lincoln back to life—at Ford's Theater

Party 37
The sun stayed in, but even Princess Caroline came out for Burt Reynolds' pro-celebrity tennis tourney

Couples 41
Judith Viorst writes mostly poetry, but it outsells her husband Milton's prose

For a Song 48
It took 20 years, but British pop idol Cliff Richard now has an American hit

In His Own Words 56
Ex-IRS man Paul Strassels offers some ways to beat the April 15 blues

On the Move 61
The rest of the Eight Is Enough cast got jealous at first when Stephen Spielberg put Dianne Kay in movies

Jocks 67
Philadelphia Flyer Mel Bridgman captained pro sport's longest unbeaten streak

Out of the Pages 75
His Lordship C.P. Snow has applied A Coat of Varnish to his already lustrous career

Over the Tube 86
For Olympic sportscaster Bob Beattie, there's no business like snow business

Arts 90
Ballerina Martine van Hamel has a new name on her dance card: Soviet defector Aleksandr Godunov

Adventure 93
Riddled with clues, Kit Williams' ingenious children's book has treasure-seeking Britons combing the countryside

To the Top 103
As head of the country's largest black-owned insurance firm, Ernesta Procope made it from the ghetto to Wall Street

Happy 112
Astrological guru Carroll Righter celebrates his 80th birthday with a Hollywood galaxy

In Style 117
Scavullo calls sexy new model Patti Hansen the Marilyn Monroe of the '80s

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Goldie Hawn and Liza Minnelli together and Bob Newhart by himself brighten the tube

Vance Bourjaily's eighth novel is a page-turner full of willing women—and murder

Dan Fogelberg offers a lovely new album, Willie Nelson half of one and Rex Smith zilch

In the film Co up de Tête, Patrick Dewaere proves himself a James Dean with a sense of humor

A new exhibit, the Gold of El Dorado, lights up New York and then heads West

Star Tracks 82

Lauren Hutton tangles with Richard Gere

Larry Pressler is Washington's Mr. Clean

Marlon Brando pays his respects to Durante

Ginger Rogers kicks up at the Moulin Rouge

Roman Polanski hits new peaks

John Belushi enlivens the Dead Boys

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 120

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