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Elvis Presley
As a fan of the King, I wish to thank you for your extremely good article on his death (PEOPLE, Jan. 28). I am sure many of his millions of fans are as anxious as I am to find out the truth about Elvis' death. It's a sin that nobody was able to say no to this great man.
Greg Lemke
Moorehead, Minn.

If one more "loving relative" or "devoted friend" comes up with his sleazy little version of Elvis' private life, I think I'll throw up. Loved him? Bull. Like bloodsucking leeches and parasites they loved the soft life his money provided. Elvis was only human and his private life should have remained private.
E. Arp
Quincy, Ill.

Jarrett vs. Jarrett
Jacqueline Jarrett admits one reason she won't get married to her live-in lover is because she doesn't want to give her ex-husband half of the proceeds from the sale of their house. She's only thinking of herself and her boyfriend. If she wanted her girls back as bad as she lets on, she'd get that "little piece of paper."
Melinda Gadberry
Russell Springs, Ky.

Justice for all! Ha! Outrage is the only word I can use to express my feelings toward the Illinois Supreme Court. I certainly hope none of their robes will have to be washed in public—and I thank heaven that I was divorced in New Jersey, where moral issues on divorce seem to be viewed with changing times in mind. To Jackie Jarrett—another mother's heart is with you.
Freddi Silverman
Budd Lake, N.J.

Joy Adamson
My husband, Marlin Perkins, and I met the Adamsons almost 20 years ago while filming in Africa for Wild Kingdom (Jan. 21). Since then Joy and I have remained the closest of friends, visiting each other at least once a year. What made Joy, understandably, impatient with some homo sapiens was her constant struggle against self-serving journalists, game officials who collaborated with the poachers, trophy hunters and tourists who carried home tusks, teeth, feet and fur without regard for the animals that died to provide their grisly ornaments. Because of Joy, lions are living free in the Serengeti, cheetahs are alive in Meru, and Penny, the leopard she successfully returned to the wild, is raising two beautiful cubs in the Northern Frontier. There could be no more beautiful memorial. The animals and all of us who loved her are bereft.
Carol Perkins
St. Louis

Cybill Shepherd
I'm glad to hear Cybill Shepherd is now a model wife and embarking on a singing career. But I'm still not convinced she should have left an acting career that showed flashes of real promise.
Don Baker
Oneonta, N.Y.

Georges Simenon
Wonderful profile on Georges Simenon. It was a joy to learn something of the man who has brought so much to so many through his books—and to know he is well and at peace in his later years.
Dolores Ferreiros
New York City

Linda (Lovelace) Marciano
I believe 75 percent of what Linda Lovelace confesses, and I hope and pray for her safety. Those who betrayed her and used her for whatever sick reason should be punished. But let me say this. I am tired of reading about how her mother beat her. Linda was spanked and reprimanded for being naughty just like any other child. But beaten, NEVER. Her parents are the greatest, kindest, most wonderful people on this earth. I should know, they are my parents too.
Barbara Boreman Rudemyer
Katonah, N.Y.

Pernell Roberts
So, he didn't like doing Bonanza and left. Good for Pernell Roberts. Why continue doing something you're no longer interested in? But I'm glad to see him back. Whether Trapper John is drama or comedy, it has to be the best medical show to come around in a while.
Lynn Stafford

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