All the Stars Came Out for Astrologer Carroll Righter

updated 02/18/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/18/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

The full moon was in his Fifth House of Friends and Affection last week when Carroll "Pappy" Righter, astrological seer to the stars, played host at his 80th-birthday party. Righter, a "gregarious Aquarius" whose daily horoscope column appears in some 350 newspapers, received 456 coiffed, corseted, buffed and black-tied guests in the ornate foyer of his pillared Hollywood mansion promptly at 6. He was nearly smothered by heavenly bodies, including Edie Adams (Aries), Arlene Dahl (Leo) and Gisele MacKenzie (Capricorn), who squeezed, nuzzled and whispered endearments to the man who helped chart their pasts. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Capricorn) noted Pappy always told him the right stuff. "He is a loving, loved man," gushed Marlene Dietrich's daughter, Maria Riva (Sagittarius), who flew in from Geneva. "He's a gentle gentleman," observed Roddy McDowell (Virgo).

While Cornell Wilde (Libra) and Jane Withers (Aries) nibbled cheese puffs and scallions wrapped in prosciutto, Righter scissored through the crowd sharing some good news for 1980—there will not be an earthquake in California and World War III is not a possibility. After an elegant calorie-conscious buffet catered by a Virgo ("the best cooks"), an unexpected guest in a gorilla suit lumbered in to sing a personalized happy birthday chorus. When the band played his favorite Autumn Leaves, Righter, a lifelong bachelor, spryly two-stepped across the dance floor until just before midnight. Then he politely thanked his lucky stars and wished them all good night. "Having all these friends and loving people surround me," he smiled, "has been the highlight of my life."

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