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Chris & John
Women's tennis will be losing one of its greats, but who can blame Chris Evert Lloyd if, after 19 years of tennis, she feels "burned out" (PEOPLE, Feb. 4)? I'm glad to see there are athletes who realize that there are more important things in life than the almighty dollar.
Susan Keyes

Chris Evert has set the women's movement back a good 10 years. To think you put that "my marriage is more important" drivel on your cover! I hope she gets what she deserves: total boredom.
Sandra Toms

Cartoonist Bud Sagendorf
You neglected to answer one question which has bothered me for years: Who is Swee'pea's father?
Andrea Davis

Popeye's "adoptik infink" Swee'pea is really the Crown Prince of Demonia. His mother left him with the trustworthy sailor back in 1933 to save the child from an evil uncle.—ED.

Donna Summer
How rare it is to find a talent so truly suited to any style of music. When disco goes thump-thumping into the sunset, Donna Summer can turn her considerable talents to rock, or blues, or even, God forbid, country.
Kevin S. Coffman
Cave City, Ky.

Tina Payne
Contrary to her confident, worldly pose, 11-year-old Tina Payne cannot possibly comprehend the unsaid words, thoughts and emotions conveyed in her picture. I'm curious as to how willing Mr. and Mrs. Payne would be to let Tina "express" her competitive nature if she somehow landed a movie role with, say, Roman Polanski as director.
Mitzi Lothringer
Lamesa, Texas

Lilias Folan
Four years ago my mother was a depressed, arthritic, overmedicated woman who spent a lot of time on the sofa with a migraine headache. At the age of 60 she literally turned on to TV yoga. Now she loves being alive, takes no medication and can stand on her head. Since fan letters have not brought Lilias back to PBS, perhaps your article will.
Kathy Ozzard
Alexandria, Va.

David Letterman
I watched David Letterman three nights in a row, and I must say the Tonight Show was never more entertaining. I hope Fred Silverman picks him as Johnny's replacement and that he accepts—the sooner the better.
Joan Snihur
Liverpool, N.Y.

Any grown man who does a routine of putting a chicken in his running suit (which Letterman did some time ago on the show) while making offensive remarks can't possibly be considered as a replacement for Johnny.
Nan Sokol
Los Angeles

Mary-Lou Green
I don't get disgusted when you run stories like the one on Sassoon's "premier stylist" and her laser haircut. On the contrary, it makes me prouder than ever to live in such a nice, normal, sparsely populated state that has so few noticeable nuts.
Connie Arnold
Hobbs, N.Mex.

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