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updated 04/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 104
Hollywood's hottest and most independent new lady-killer, Richard Gere, risks professional suicide by playing a gay in Broadway's powerful Bent

Up Front 32

This Passover, Egypt's envoy Saad Mortada is in a land of milk and honey, but to Israel's Elijahu Ben-Elissar, Cairo is a bitter herb

A judge's death leaves Green Bay, Wis. angrily divided over the power of the press

Kids are flipping for Supersisters, the first all-female trading cards

Congressman Bob Giaimo takes a sharpened ax to the federal budget

The Beat Goes On for the singing Whispers, though one has an unexpected gig in federal court about another kind of hot rock

In Her Own Words 46
There has been progress since her son died of it, but Carolyn Szybist says Sudden Infant Death Syndrome remains a tragic mystery

Jocks 55
Basketball's hallowed vet Paul Silas and touted rookie Larry Bird enter the playoffs

Bio 61
Rock's acid queen, Grace Slick, has ditched the Starship to fly solo

Arts 67
Passionate pianist Martha Argerich is a throwback to titans like Rachmaninoff

To the Top 71
Actor Michel Serrault, the homosexual lead of La Cage aux Folles, has himself been wed 30 years

In the Money 77
Gig Young's ex, Elaine, cashes in on the Beverly Hills real estate boom

Discovery 81
Laser weapon designer Richard Airey has the Pentagon's answer to Star Wars

Couples 84
Ex-Hef-mate Barbi Benton's new man—and manager—is millionaire George Gradow

Adventure 93
Star parachutist Roger Reynolds fell 2,800 feet and survived to jump again

In Trouble 99
Toledo factory worker Ron Reed has a $34,000 romance with a con artist's mirage

Winners 110
Sometime hog farmer Cleve Dean tries to bring home the bacon as a pro wrist wrestler

Out of the Pages 119
Author Howard (The Establishment) Fast has changed lists—from black to best-seller

Lookout 125

Fencer Jana Angelakis

Library conservator Frank Mowery

Host 132
Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe's idea of a grand time will cost just that—$1,000 a day

Over the Tube 136
Alice's Polly Holliday moves her "Kiss my grits!" put-downs to a new joint in Flo

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Singer Kenny Rogers wins the gamble in his first TV dramatic role

Jimmy Carter is excoriated by columnist Clark Mollenhoff and analyzed by psychohistorian Bruce Mazlish in new books

Rocker Bob Seger surpasses even his own demanding standards with Against the Wind

Jodie Foster, 17, comes of age in Foxes, an ambitious but aimless movie about the teenage world of drugs and sex

Star Tracks 113

Carol Burnett eats a lot of snow

Sir Freddie Laker flies a camel

Misha & Liza Charleston

Lena Horne gives up saloon singing

Loni Anderson turns into Jayne Mansfield

Sara Stimson & Ricky Schroder are an item

People Puzzle 128

Chatter 138

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