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Mackenzie Phillips
What a shame that Mackenzie will no longer be on One Day at a Time (PEOPLE, March 17). She's a true talent with a natural flair for comedy. If they fired everyone whom they suspected of being on coke or who had personal problems, all we'd have left on the tube would be test patterns.
Denise Myrick
Stewartville, Minn.

Your article was a sad statement of fact. However, I must take exception to the remarks of Pat McQueeney, Mackenzie's manager, in reference to my daughter, Valerie Bertinelli. Little does she know of Valerie's support and defense of Mackenzie when persistently questioned (many times in my company) by reporters and friends on her drug problems and suspensions over the past two years. It is understandable that McQueeney would defend her, but to accuse my daughter of her dismissal is irresponsible.
Andy Bertinelli
Shreveport, La.

That cover! How could you? Get Bonnie Franklin a sweater that fits and stop subjecting your readers to that pseudo-cheesecake. A sex object Ms. Franklin is not.
Anna Lee
San Antonio

The Captain and Tennille
I had to laugh at Toni's statement that "everyone thought, 'Aren't they nice—so young and fresh.' We had to grow up." I don't call bleaching your hair and pouring yourself into Bob Mackie dresses growing up. I liked them young and fresh. Now they're middle-aged and boring.
Maria Beihl
Garden Grove, Calif.

Babilonia & Gardner
Let's give credit where it's due. Back in 1970 the "someone" who suggested Tai and Randy compete as a team is skating coach Mabel Fairbanks.
R. Patton
St. Albans, N.Y.

Fairbanks performed in several major ice shows from 1943 to '58 before becoming a pro instructor. Now in her 50s, she teaches at the Ice Capades Chalet in Santa Monica, where Tai and Randy train.

Women in Uniform
You hit the nail on the head with your excellent article on sexual harassment in the military. I have been in the Army for almost three years now and have gone through three unwanted pregnancies—none of them mine, but fellow women soldiers'. Some of the women are gullible and feel compelled to accommodate the men. Unfortunately, a lot of women are put into a situation which does not allow them to consider the consequences.
Sp/4 Carla S. Baker
Granite City, Ill.

Re Judith Krantz' comments on Cynthia Harris, who played Mrs. Simpson in Edward and Mrs. Simpson: Most of England wondered what Windsor saw in Wallis, but that wasn't Miss Harris' fault. Mrs. Simpson just wasn't very lovable.
M.E. Hedley

Cristina Ford
In your article concerning me and my former husband, Henry Ford II (March 3), you repeated certain of the absurd statements concerning me made by Rosemarie Marcie-Riviere. Rosemarie's connection with the Ford family is that her marriage immediately preceding her current one (her fifth marriage) was to Ernest Kanzler. He was a widower whose wife, Josephine Clay, was the sister of my former husband's greatly esteemed mother, Eleanor Clay Ford. To portray Rosemarie Marcie-Riviere as Henry's aunt, part of the Ford family and spokesman for it concerning me is inaccurate.
Cristina V. Ford
Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Jim Reeves
A dedicated admirer of the late Jim Reeves, I have every album of his ever released. His newest is a work of art and a true labor of love by Mary Reeves and RCA. I applaud their efforts in keeping this wonderful singer "alive" in the hearts of his fans.
Bob Martin
Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Will Jim Reeves' wife never finish picking his bones? A purist Reeves fan wouldn't have one of her overdubbed records as a gift.
Lue Whetzell
Rock Springs, Wyo.

Robert Graham
A sperm bank of Nobel Prize winners is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. What is more absurd and even frightening is that three of these Nobel men agreed to donate.
Patricia A. Dunn
Huntingdon, Pa.

Sunday geneticist Robert Graham's plan to engineer "a few more creative, intelligent and useful people" brings to mind a supposed exchange between the beautiful and distinguished actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell and George Bernard Shaw. Mrs. Campbell proposed that they have a child. "Just think what a gift to the world it would be, with my beauty and your brains," she said. Shaw thought for a moment, and responded: "Perhaps. But what if it turned out to have my beauty and your brains?"
Robert Young Jr.

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