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originally published 04/21/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

Kristy McNichol
Kristy McNichol is a national treasure (PEOPLE, March 31). It's exciting to think of all the years ahead of her and all the great parts yet to come. She's the savviest 17-year-old around, and the only one I'd ever trade places with to go through that awful age again!
Chris Schmidt
Jupiter, Fla.

As longtime fans of Miss McNichol, we were appalled and disillusioned to read of the drastic change in her priorities. We believed her to be a natural and wholesome teenager. Her recent activities, such as thousand-dollar shopping sprees and reckless driving on a peaceful community square, bewilder us. What happened to the "little darling" we used to know and love? She has joined the ranks of money-grubbing, status-seeking stars. Give us back the old Kristy.
The Page Staff
Somerset County Library
Somerville, N.J.

Doug and Rita Swan
It made my physically ill when I read the article on the Swans. These parents are teachers and therefore not uneducated or ignorant. But what kind of heartless people are they that being ostracized by the Christian Science Church meant more to them than their helpless child screaming in pain? They won't get an ounce of sympathy from me.
Paula Leonard
Brockton, Mass.

I, too, was raised a Christian Scientist. Never have I, nor anyone I know, been told not to see a doctor, or seen anyone ostracized for seeking medical help. As in all religions, there are those who misinterpret goals and/or become fanatical to the point where they no longer use their common sense.
Linda Ford-Claseman
Corpus Christi

I was stunned when I read this article. If Mrs. Swan herself turned to medicine to heal her ovarian cyst (because the pain was too great), why didn't she give her baby the same chance? The Swans and their ignorance killed that baby, not the Christian Science practitioners who were only performing the duties that the Swans expected of them.
Laura B. Berton
New York City

Ann & Nancy Wilson
I hate it! How can the Heart sisters shed part of their group without affecting the just-right sound they have produced over the years? I hope dropping the Fisher brothers is worth the quick trip to the bottom.
Bobby Cassidy
Bowling Green, Ky.

Ice Cap
I applaud the successful efforts of Arizona nurses Judith Dean and Katherine Griffith to prevent the loss of hair of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Having lost my mother to cancer, I feel any advances that will enable the patient to retain a semblance of dignity are truly "victories."
Nicky Nickolazas Necastro
Sharon, Pa.

Celebrity Politics
I found it amusing that many of my favorite celebrities are for my least favorite candidate, Kennedy. Oh Lauren, how could you? And Warren, you too?
Megan Hollowell
San Antonio

The presidential candidates aligning themselves with celebs to get votes reflects the deplorable state of U.S. politics. Obviously, we are not expected to take it seriously anymore.
Mary Trefelner

As management representatives for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the Cars, we would like it known that neither group actively endorses John Anderson or any other political candidate.
Tony Dimitriades
Lookout Management
Los Angeles

Camp Beverly Hills
The "stylish sweats" are cute, but far from new. If you'll back up to '76, you'll remember superstar Elton John prancing around the stage in sweatpants. And he got Blackwell's worst!
Susie Vinson
Columbus, Ohio

Vincent Barabba, Census Director
Considering what the U.S. is up against in the '80s, wouldn't it have been more significant to ask questions like how many more children do you expect to have in the next five years, or how many gallons of gas could you cut down to if there was a real serious shortage, instead of: "Do you enter your living quarters from a common hall?"
G. Akmakian
New York City

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