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updated 04/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 98
The unsinkable Penny Marshall copes with single parenthood, new ambitions as a director, and dating again with the likes of Dan Aykroyd, Steven Spielberg and Art Garfunkel

Up Front 24

Dr. Larimer Mellon, founder of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, gives his share of the family fortune to Haiti's desperate poor

Her Oscar-certified Hollywood career may be at its zenith, but Meryl Streep yearns for Off-Broadway

Why was Erik Estrada persona non grata at the wedding of CHiPs co-star Larry Wilcox?

Crime 43
One hostage crisis is resolved as a little girl's doll is ransomed for $52 in San Diego

Spirit 46
Whether drilling for gas in Pennsylvania or serving as mayor of Dubuque, Iowa, some American nuns are changing their habits

For a Song 53
Tito Puente and Earth, Wind and Fire agree that Martin Cohen is the best in bongos

Jocks 57
Jockey Laffit Pincay's new diet must work; he rode in with a record $8 million last year

Bonus Book 61
In a second excerpt from her autobiography, Bittersweet, actress Susan Strasberg writes about the supporting cast in her dramatic life—Aly Khan, Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando—and her only marriage

In the Money 71
Do nice girls finish last? Not Mary Kay Ash, who rewards her 61,000 mostly women cosmetics sales force with presents and praise

On Stage 75
Eight Is Enough Mom Betty Buckley wails a liberated lady's gospel in Greenwich Village

In His Own Words 83
Napoleon wasn't short, but Jimmy Carter may be—or so says height expert Ralph Keyes

Arts 90
At 70 years plus, Red Skelton turns a profit by putting his clown act on canvas

Happy 96
The Soviet embargo causes a fowl-up, and 36 tons of free chickens are picked up by N.Y. City Commissioner James F. Capalino

To the Top 111
He's tops in country, so now blind singer Ronnie Milsap sets out to conquer TV

Lookout 118

Bullfighter Honey Haskin

Underwater salvage expert Richard Fryburg

Couples 121
Secretary of Education Shirley Hufstedler has to make a 3,000-mile commute to see her husband, Seth

Mail 6

People Picks & Pans 8

On TV, Mikhail Baryshnikov proves he can also hoof on the Great White Way, and John (Star Wars) Williams replaces Arthur Fiedler on the Boston Pops podium

John Gardner and Anne Tyler are back with compelling new novels, and Errol Flynn gets called just about every name in Charles Higham's book

Extra-hard rocking doesn't damage Billy Joel's new Glass Houses

Brad Dourif helps director John Huston create another bizarre success with his film about evangelists, Wise Blood

Star Tracks 79

Mary Tyler Moore reunites with Ed Asner

Jack Carter, Sid Caesar, Jack Klugman and Gene Barry re-create burlesque

Liza gets her dad, Vincente Minnelli, wed

Morocco's King Hassan II visits the Pope

Federico Fellini faces up to feminism

People Puzzle 116

Chatter 124

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