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updated 05/05/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/05/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 100
Her pairing with Paul Newman threw more sparks than their film, When Time Ran Out, but don't get ideas about Jacqueline Bisset just because Joanne came to Hawaii three times

Up Front 36

G. Gordon Liddy finally tells all—and his family is still feeling the shock

Marvin Hamlisch played when PR Kathie Berlin tied the knot with NBC newsman Dick Valeriani

Columnist Liz Smith reports that Frank Sinatra got New York deejay Jonathan Schwartz axed—and Ol' Blue Eyes sees red

Author Marguerite Yourcenar of Maine becomes the first woman in the Académie Française

On Stage 49
TV's Wally and "the Beaver," a/k/a Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers, are suddenly stars again in their 30s

For a Song 53
One of Bette Midler's old Harlettes—Melissa Manchester—comes into her prime solo

In Style 57
That costly couturier, Indian Princess Sumair, is great if you're Happy Rockefeller

Teacher 61
Ex-Communist Margaret Budenz urges her students to shape the times

Happy 64
The funniest person at the Oscars was the winner who never showed, Alan Splet

Bonus Book 67
In the final excerpt from Susan Strasberg's autobiography, Bittersweet, the actress finds motherhood is a wondrous role

Arts 81
Choreographer Choo San Goh, who's touted as the next George Balanchine, took the great leap forward from Singapore

Sequel 87
Old hubby John Derek is gone, and actress Ursula Andress is having her first baby at 44 by new love, Harry Hamlin, 28

Discovery 96
Dr. J. Martyn Bailey believes garlic and onions may help—if not the breath—the heart

In His Own Words 107
Teenagers aren't obsessed with sex, says psychologist Aaron Hass, but they are surprisingly experienced at it

To the Top 113
Vanessa's kid sister Lynn Redgrave gets her turn in House Calls and Gauguin the Savage

Lookout 126

Couples 129
Marriage means sweet harmony for pop composers Jackie DeShannon and Randy Edelman

In Trouble 134
From imperial exile, the Shah's twin sister Princess Ashraf attacks ex-"friend" Jimmy Carter

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

What's special on TV is the headliners: Jimmy McNichol, Ann-Margret and John Ritter

Fantasy Island's Ricardo Montalban reflects in a modest Hollywood autobiography

Roberta Flack, Richie Havens and Loretta Lynn triumph with rewarding new LPs

Gilda Radner's Broadway show plays delightfully on film; and the Martin Mull-Tuesday Weld adaptation of Serial spoofs California hilariously

Star Tracks 92

Billy Joel flies in Paris

Parker Stevenson adopts an elephant

Hervé Villechaize rows a love boat

Four Orphan Annies celebrate

Duke Valenti wants to swing with Bo Derek

People Puzzle 124

Chatter 136

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