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Larry Hagman
I am glad to see that Larry Hagman is finally getting the recognition he so deserves (PEOPLE, April 14). J.R., I love your style.
John Wardell
Willingboro, N.J.

Larry Hagman an amiable eccentric? Maybe he is just a refreshing change from the usual stories out of Hollywood, such as drugs, divorces, sex and booze. He's a great actor to be able to portray a character so different from himself so convincingly. He must be doing something right as the dastardly J.R. Ewing keeps this family home on Friday nights.
Elizabeth Herzog
St. Louis

When Larry Hagman was on I Dream of Jeannie, I only had eyes for him. Even now, I watch the old reruns just to see him. Tell him all the work was worth it. Some of us recognized his talent even then.
Diane Wadas
Lansdowne, Pa.

Pamela Starr
The Reverend Starr's sermons don't last more than a few minutes because she "doesn't think there's anything worth saying that should take longer than that." Ms. Starr, if you don't have lots to say to a dying world about Jesus Christ and his gospel and how it applies to our lives nowadays, get out of the ministry!
Renée M. Brown

Olympic Boycott
When you take into account all of the men and women who have given their lives for this country, how shallow of these athletes to say that they won't even give up running a race or playing volleyball. I have spent my last dollar for the support of these un-American creatures.
Mrs. Edna Janke

The possible sacrifice of jobs, marriage and maybe sweat is too large a hardship for our athletes to endure? Where the hell are their priorities? People are dying in Afghanistan. Is the glory of a gold medal so important that it's worth business as usual with the country committing this atrocity? If our athletes answer yes, then perhaps they and the Russians have more in common than just the Olympics.
Keith R. Stanton
Marquette, Mich.

It's too bad Jimmy Carter isn't as determined to get the hostages out of Iran as he is to keep our Olympic teams out of Moscow.
Joann Dininger
Wooster, Ohio

Rula Lenska
Oh joy and rapture. After going around for the last year and a half mimicking "Hello, I am Rooo-la Lenzz-ka," my friends and I are very grateful to you for finally telling us who this woman is—though I think not knowing was half the fun.
Owen R. Espejo
Port Clinton, Ohio

Every time my mother sees that hair spray commercial, she bets me $5 that Rula (with her deep mezzo) is a female impersonator. I'm so glad to find out "Who the hell is Rula Lenska?" This is the first time I've ever won a bet with Mother.
H. Johnson
Lewiston, Maine

Gay Talese
I thought you had more class than to print a story (four pages yet!) about a man who spends nine years studying the sex habits of American men, and then declares his will be a historical book 10 years from now. What rubbish!
Judy Levy
Winter Park, Fla.

Gay Talese shows his monumental ignorance of women when he says that men, unlike women, crave variety in sex. That is the definite oinking of a double standard chauvinist pig wallowing in male macho. I have a brief dissertation to make on macho males. Br-r-ack.
J. Garrison
Wenatchee, Wash.

Susan Anton
How refreshing to read about a "breakup" without the usual backstabbing. Though I admire Sly Stallone, I think he let a real lady slip through his fingers.
Lisa Greindl
Schaumburg, Ill.

Why should anyone feel sorry for Susan Anton, or Sasha Stallone for that matter? Sylvester Stallone obviously has an overinflated ego which he loves to feed, and these two women are gorging him. When will we learn?
J. Mace
Springfield, Pa.

Michael Tilson Thomas
I commend you for your incisive story on youthful conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. As a longtime subscriber to the Cleveland orchestra, my vote goes to Maestro Mike to succeed Lorin Maazel who is soon to depart for the Vienna State Opera. Thomas is an exciting conductor who always brings a new dimension to musical works.
Larry Bauer

Michael Parkinson
Perhaps one fortunate day Michael Parkinson will realize money has nothing to do with class. This is unlikely, however. People entrapped in materialism rarely find enlightenment in bank lobbies and 85-foot yachts. And this spoiled little preppie hopes to forget his "wealthy past"? What noble b.s. I doubt that he expresses these sentiments to the lawyer who handles his trust fund.
Ulla Nordstrom
Los Angeles

Since both my dad and my brother are plumbers, I was sizzling when I read this "artist's" remark that "plumbers don't know a thing except about pipes and how to get dirty." All plumbers will be happy to know that Mr. Parkinson's photo is completely flushable and will not clog your pipes.
Mrs. Deborah Cunningham
Cumberland, Md.

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