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updated 05/05/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/05/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Kenya dig it, Parker?
While in Kenya to compete in the famed 3,400-mile Safari Rally, Parker (The Hardy Boys) Stevenson made a pit stop at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage. There he befriended Juma, a 5-month-old baby elephant, and became impressed by the orphanage, which rehabilitates animals for return to the wild. He made an immediate donation to the cause, as well as pledging his winnings from the Rally. But the five-day event is strictly an all-pro, no-celeb competition, and the Mercedes 450 SLC piloted by Parker and partner Joginder Singh finished out of the money, 15th out of 65 entrants.

Billy Joel gets high in Paris
The scene was Paris' Cinéma Rex, and if the joint was jumpin', so was the performer—America's clown prince of pop, Billy Joel. Even on a bad night, Joel can be electrifying, but when his band hit the City of Lights on its just-completed European itinerary, he was soaring—right off the edge of his piano during Big Shot. It's the kind of crowd-pleaser U.S. fans will get to see when he tours here starting the end of this month. Meanwhile his Glass Houses LP has leaped into the Top Three, and fans can prepare for the 36-concert Billy-blitz by contemplating his lyrics from You May Be Right: "It just may be a lunatic you're looking for." He may be right.

'Annie'-versary No. 3
When the Broadway show Annie celebrated its third anniversary last month, the only "star" to have survived since opening night was Sandy the dog. A mixed breed, Sandy, 4, has had four leading ladies—from left, Andrea McArdle, now 16, Shelley Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker and his current mistress, Allison Smith. Sandy clearly is one performer on the Great White Way who hasn't been lured by Hollywood or howled about the eight-shows-a-week grind or, more to the point, outgrown his part.

Bananas for Bo
When John Derek announced plans to revive Tarzan with wife Bo as Jane, he had yet to name her swinging jungle lover. But even before Dudley Moore or Woody Allen could offer himself, Duke Valenti, 23, a 1978 Mr. Hawaii with an incredible 6-foot 190-pound bulk, was beating his chest in a Variety ad boasting, "Bo, your Tarzan is waiting." The vine has it that the Bethlehem, Pa. behemoth is still waiting. But if Crabbe, Weissmuller et al were 10s as Tarzan, Duke says he'd be an 11. "They were dull jocks," he snorts, "who couldn't act their way out of a banana tree."

Tattoo vabien
A break in the shooting schedule on ABC's Fantasy Island couldn't keep Ricardo Montalban's co-star Hervé Villechaize from filming a dream scene of his own. TV's Tattoo and girlfriend Camille Hagan got a rowboat and caught a warm breeze across a lake in Paris' Bois de Boulogne. Whether the reality of France in the springtime matched his professional life of fantasy, Hervé was probably more blasé than most visitors: He is a hometown boy.

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