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updated 05/12/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/12/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 97
Haunted by the Ohio concert stampede that killed 11 fans, The Who's Pete Townshend returns to the U.S. with a new tour, new LP and old problems with his drinking and hearing

Up Front 30

The families of the Tehran hostages cling to hope in a time of deep despair

Secretary of State Cyrus Vance loses his power struggle with Zbigniew Brzezinski

CIA veteran Miles Copeland and Israeli terrorist expert Rehavam Ze'evi critique the failed U.S. hostage rescue

Behind presidential candidate John Anderson is one tough woman named Keke

Up in arms for the ERA, Erma Bombeck beards the Mormons in Utah

Off the Screen 45
Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Tesich relives his Indiana past in Breaking Away

Bio 49
Master showman Irvin Feld makes it the Greatest Show on Earth again

Spirit 60
Black Cardinal Bernardin Gantin celebrates a historic papal visit to Africa

In the Money 63
E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post would be proud to know daughter Dina Merrill has joined Dad's Wall Street firm

Out of the Pages 67
Dennis Smith remains a New York fireman despite great success as a writer

Teacher 73
First lady of jazz Mary Lou Williams weans students from rock'n'roll at Duke

In Trouble 80
Playing an executed Saudi princess puts actress Suzanne Abou Taleb in hot water

Couples 84
Real estate tycoon Reid Smith landed model-actress Maud Adams; now he's working on his own Hollywood career

Discovery 91
Pluto's discoverer, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, still keeps an eye on the heavens

Jocks 107
Gina Bovaird's life has more action and less art now that she's racing motorcycles

To the Top 111
Female machismo? No, says rocker Pat (Heartbreaker) Benatar, "I'm a regular chick"

Lookout 119

Body 125
A new PEOPLE department on diet and fitness begins with author Marcia Millman shedding some light on the psychology of being fat

On Stage 132
Ron Leibman isn't just Mr. Linda Lavin—he saved Neil Simon's new play

People Picks & Pans 10

TV'S happy returns include Tolkien's Hobbits and Johnny Cash's anniversary

Gay Talese is best supporting actor in Thy Neighbor's Wife, his controversial new book about sex in America

The accent is definitely on the pop side in Neil Sedaka's new LP, while the Beach Boys seem stranded on a freeway

Sara Stimson, though cute in Little Miss Marker, won't make anyone forget Shirley

Elton John, Caroline Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are among the good and bad skates at the nation's roller discos

Star Tracks 104

Bob Hope has a 16th-century alter ego

Mia Farrow's brother carves out a career

Gale Sondergaard mothers Jane Alexander

Bo Derek's sis, Kelly, is a perfect 3

Sha Na Na's Bowzer becomes a papa

Chatter 134

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