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originally published 05/26/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Jacqueline Bisset
So long, Farrah, Cheryl, Suzanne and Bo. For pure beauty and intelligence Jackie gets a "20" (PEOPLE, May 5). I salute a true lady.
Russ Armstrong
Orlando, Fla.

I'm disappointed Jackie Bisset decided to do When Time Ran Out just because she wanted to work with Paul Newman—not because she liked the story or the character. That's how we end up getting trashy films.
Suresh Chandna
Long Beach, Calif.

I practically tore up the magazine when Jackie Bisset said, "I have a tremendous fear that I am losing my femininity because I'm no longer afraid to use my intelligence." She makes it sound as though it's the man's job to be smart and the woman's job to be dumb and only pleasing to men. I find her statement offensive.
Rachel Jones
Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

G. Gordon Liddy
Every once in a while a character named Colonel Flagg appears on M*A*S*H. A counterintelligence officer, he comes off as a complete fool. For all intents, G. Gordon Liddy is a real-life version of this character—the true manifestation of an idiotic military-spy mentality.
Loren Chernoff
Santa Cruz, Calif.

The loyalty with which the Liddy clan defends Gordon is heartening. I feel that the man is a certifiable loon, but then again, I have a fair share of loons in my own family.
Lynne Mimnaugh-Christopher

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra has every right to fly off the handle, and you have every right to report it. But I'm tired of reading only negative reports about this very talented man whose deeds of kindness and generosity are legion.
Muriel Fisher

Princess Ashraf
I'll bet Ashraf has no idea how many Americans share her dream—to see her and the Shah back in Iran.
Carol Canup
Yucaipa, Calif.

Dow and Mathers
So, now we know what Wally and Beaver are doing. Whatever became of June and Ward, their mom and dad?
Joyce Evans
Larkspur, Calif.

Barbara Billingsley (June) lives in Malibu and recently played a cameo role in the upcoming film Airplane. Hugh Beaumont (Ward) is retired from show business and living in Minnesota.—ED.

Melissa Manchester
Is Melissa Manchester the "sweet Melissa" of Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic?
Linda Baldwin
Butler, N.J.

Barry Manilow says of the song and his longtime pal, "I used the name Melissa because I love her and because it's a beautiful name, but the song is not about her."—ED.

When Melissa Manchester purchased our beautiful, custom-built home, her only concern was that it was too elegant for her. It saddens us to read that five years later, when the house is 10 years old, it has become the "old Hollywood Hills place" that her ex-husband Larry kept. He bought it as his dream house; in our hearts it will always be ours.
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Klein
Guatemala, C.A.

Aaron Hass
What Aaron Hass has written about teenage sexuality is very true, with one difference. When you are 12, you get a lot of pressure from your boyfriends. If you don't, well, hey, that's the end of the relationship. At 13, the boys start getting smart. They like you for what you are and not for what you give. They lose a great deal of respect for the girls who did, and they gain respect for those who didn't.
Julie Stanisci
Verona, N.J.

The good news is that I was delighted to read the Couples article about Jackie DeShannon and Randy Edelman and even more delighted to see a picture used in which I appeared. Now, the bad news—my name is not Doug Roberts as printed in the caption.
Doug Rogers
Marina del Rey, Calif.

Susan Strasberg
Susan Strasberg's Bittersweet was just exhilarating. How strong and moving. I cannot wait to get the book!
Sheila Krause
Bethlehem, Pa.

Reading Susan Strasberg's story was like a friend sharing her shoulder with me. After one heart operation completed and successful (by Dr. Denton Cooley) and another pending, my 5-month-old, 7-pound Carly is doing well. Asking "Why my daughter?" is something I have learned not to do. Instead I thank God daily I have her at all. Ms. Strasberg's effort is so exact and so moving, I had to say thanks.
Julie Gage
Alvin, Texas

I enjoyed the Strasberg story, but how about sharing with chocoholics the place to buy those delicious-looking chocolates in the store window that Susan was shown resisting?
Anne Fox
Mount Vernon, N.Y.

In fact, Strasberg (above) succumbed to the champagne truffles, at $18 per pound. It is Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland, in New York City, all of whose candies are hand-made and flown in weekly from Zurich.—ED.

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