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updated 06/16/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/16/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 81
Soap operas are getting sexier, thanks to young stars like Jaime Lyn Bauer, Josh Taylor, Randall Edwards and Peter Bergman, whose real lives rival their daytime deeds

Up Front 34

What do Cher, Dustin, Lee Majors, Lucie Arnaz and Ringo have in common? Summer love

Lawyer Mitchell Rogovin fights to get John Anderson on the ballot

Martha Coleman, the mystery woman in the Vernon Jordan case, has a troubled past

Arts 47
H.R. Giger creates eerie and erotic fantasies with a nightmare imagination and an airbrush

Off the Screen 53
John Derek's ex-wife Linda Evans, no longer his baby doll, is happier being just friends

Happy 57
John Bushell has truck, will travel, on his cross-country piano tour

In His Own Words 58
Eggs, butter, meat and cheese have taken a bum rap in the cholesterol controversy—or so claims biochemist Robert Olson

Out of the Pages 67
Ann Beattie's marriage seems to be heading for a crash, but her career is taking off

Medics 71
Dr. Stewart Wolf explains why little Roseto, Pa. is no longer immune to heart disease

In Style 77
Rochas Perfumes' chic ex-president Madame Hélène is back on the job—as "image consultant" and much, much more

Body 88
Caution—running may mean less sex among couples, reports Chris Shipman

Sequel 92
Bribery and murder are the grist of Margaret Truman's new Washington mystery

In Trouble 98
A Rhode Island town shows its tolerance as boy dances with boy at the senior prom

In the Money 102
From Napoleonic uniforms to top hats, England's Moss Bros has it for hire

Bio 108
Peter Brook's international repertory troupe proves once more that he is the theater's most daring and dazzling director

To the Top 115
Isabel (The Jeffersons) Sanford owns a dry cleaners on TV—and off

Lookout 120

Couples 125
Between flicks with Burt Reynolds and Mel Brooks, funnyman Dom DeLuise turns house-husband while wife Carol bows on Broadway

For a Song 130
Peter Wolf has done away with Faye, but his J. Geils Band plays on

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

ABC revives the classic Omnibus with Loretta Lynn, Cheryl Ladd and Pavarotti

Lillian Hellman's fuzzy memoir, Maybe, falls short of Pentimento—no maybes about it

Beatles outtakes and leftovers are the real stuff of Rarities

What's a nice guy like Yoda doing in a place like The Empire Strikes Back? Finding the Star Wars charm has been Forced out

People Puzzle 95

Star Tracks 104

Iran's Reza Pahlavi has princely manners

Tiny Tim tiptoes up to midlife

Meat Loaf's pitching proves grade A

Sophia Loren is Garbo's lookalike

Louise Nevelson's family shows

Ron Leibman brings Mad Magazine to life

Chatter 132

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