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Mac Davis
If anyone in this world deserves success, it's Mac Davis (PEOPLE, May 26). Working for him at Metric Music (now defunct) back in 1968 was the most entertaining, not to mention unusual, job I've ever had. Who else's boss would come in at 10 a.m., sit on her desk with guitar in hand and sing to his secretary? I couldn't be happier for him.
Millie Bostick-Felch
Birmingham, Mich.

What was the menu of the high-protein breakfast Mac used to gain weight for his role in North Dallas Forty?
H. Abbenseth
Copiague, N.Y.

Every morning he drank a quart and a half of a concoction made from ice cream, wheat germ, protein powder and milk. "It didn't taste so bad," Davis recalls, "but if you're somebody who hasn't eaten breakfast in 10 years, it will take some getting used to."—ED.

Cuban Refugees
In response to Garnette Anderson and Collette Pericht and their attitudes toward the Cubans entering our country: My family and I escaped from Cuba in 1960, when I was 4. I don't remember much but my parents have made me realize how lucky we are to be in America. These women should also feel lucky to live here and realize that somewhere in the past their ancestors saw this as the land of opportunity. We do want to be a part of this country. We also pay taxes, have attended your schools and colleges, have given you doctors, lawyers, teachers, maids, nurses, etc. I'm sure I speak not only for Cuban refugees, but for all refugees—we want to give as much as this country has given us.
Ana Loredo Henke
El Campo, Texas

How dare Garnette Anderson deny anyone "rights." They are not hers to give, and perhaps if we all realized this we just might survive as a race and not self-righteously stalk into oblivion.
Patricia A. Stewart
San Francisco

It's too bad for the sick and starving Cambodian refugees waiting in squalid camps that their situation came at a time when the present Administration happened to be adhering to "planned policy." These other Boat People are still in dire need of our help.
Meredith C. Jones
Pleasant Grove, Ala.

Tony Curtis
No wonder Tony Curtis has had three marriages and his own daughter neglects him—he's a male chauvanist pig! I'm only sorry I didn't know the man before I began admiring the actor.
Sally Lewis
Waynesville, Mo.

Tony Curtis is volatile and self-centered. He is also a brilliant actor whose biggest accolades, I hope, are yet to come.
Claudia Orpin
Long Beach, Calif.

Marilyn Machlowitz
Marilyn Machlowitz undoubtedly defends workaholism because of her contact with the disease. Workaholism is a negative, narcissistic attribute of someone unable to cope with society.
Donald Davis
Ringgold, Ga.

Gene Autry
Thank you for your article on Gene Autry. Mac Davis may be my present-day hero, but Gene was my first.
Sherry Clayton
Salem, Va.

Picks & Pans
If you read my novel, At First Sight, carefully enough to label it "medium-core pornography," I would have hoped you could correctly identify the profession of the central character. You say he is a talk show host. Wrong. I'm the talk show host. He is an actor and writer with a comedy news program on New York television. On the conscious level it was a very predictable mistake.
Bill Boggs
New York City

Richard Dwyer
I will never forget the joy Ice Follies star Richard Dwyer brought to my grandmother, who was the lucky recipient of one of the bouquets of roses he presented every show. To her dying day she swore I had "arranged" it. I wish "Mr. Debonair" as much happiness in his retirement as he brought countless others.
Lorraine Smith

Roman Welzant
When I read the headline "...elderly man guns down two of his teenage tormentors," I was shocked and disgusted. After reading the article, though I still don't think guns are the answer, my sympathy is entirely with the Welzants. If Mr. Welzant brought it on himself, as Jimmy Willey said, then so did Willey and Albert Kahl when they began tormenting the couple for "spite." They were not shot "over a snowball" but because they pushed a man over the edge of reason. This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved.
Dorothy Williams
Westminster, Colo.

I know what it is like to be harassed by vindictive teenagers and feel helpless. When my dad came close to dying from a heart attack and his doctor recommended quiet and relief from strain, my parents had to sell their first and only home. Mr. Welzant is the victim.
Kathy Conway
Newport, Oreg.

I'm a teenager, and those kids pulling stupid "Halloween tricks" got what they deserved. Sure, Jimmy Willey and his parents would like to see "justice" done, but where were they when he needed them? I'm proud my parents care enough for me to want to know what I'm doing and where I'm going when I leave the house. A jury would be out of its mind to find Mr. Welzant guilty of anything but self-defense.
Donald Kendrick
Winston-Salem, N.C.

It's a shame that a boy had to die in order for Mr. Welzant to protect his property. Unfortunately anyone who tries that type of thing around my house will receive the same.
Renee Hollenbeck
Georgetown, Colo.

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