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updated 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 82
Part of the new Force and the sexy new face in The Empire Strikes Back is Billy Dee Williams, enjoying his biggest breakthrough since Brian's Song

Up Front 16

The sweetheart of Waterford, Maine, Jane Muskie becomes the new first lady of State

Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Moore and Sammy Davis are having a Cannonball

Now Laurence Luckinbill loves Lucie; he and Ms. Arnaz say 'We do' for the second time each

Black markets and red tape make the Fort Chaffee refugee camp a hellish limbo for the Cubans—and their American guards

To the Top 31
The Zambelli Brothers spark another Fourth of July with 52 million pounds of pyrotechnics

In His Own Words 35
Harvard-based psychologist Howard Gardner unravels the mysteries of children's drawings

In Style 44
Barbara Walters, the Johnny Carsons, Elton John and Saudi Arabia's King Khalid all sleep between Athos Pratesi's sheets

Couples 48
Businessman Ken Schwartz has managed a working marriage with Buck Rogers co-star Erin Gray, but, boy, is it work

For a Song 57
Australia's Little River Band is rising fast from Down Under with another big U.S. tour

Bio 62
Travel authority Temple Fielding is discovering a new world now that the U.S. is a top tourist attraction

Sequel 68
Ex-cop David Toma, the real-life Baretta, crusades to turn kids against drugs

Discovery 74
Psychologist Thomas Cash says it not only pays to be pretty, it costs if you're not

Body 80
Holistic medicine, says sociologist Dennis Jaffe, helps you to be your own best doctor

Out of the Pages 94
Ken Follett, author of Eye of the Needle and Triple, sues to keep his name off an upcoming thriller

In Trouble 97
A blizzard of volcanic ash makes life in Portland, Oreg. a mask-erade

Over the Tube 98
Casting agent Lynn Stalmaster's new find is the latest of Charlie's Angels

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 8

An NBC special honors choreographer Jerome Robbins, and John Wayne lights ABC's fireworks with The Alamo

Jean Rhys, once called "the best living English novelist," leaves an elegant memoir

Elton John bounces back with a rich, clean new LP titled 21 at 33

It's no bumper crop, but there are summer movies with Steve McQueen, Laraine Newman and Dudley Moore, plus a Disney classic, Lady and the Tramp

Star Tracks 88

Lee Marvin rolls on

Roberto Duran gets his slice

Dennis Christopher tries new wheels

Stefanie Powers ponders Picasso

D.C. Mayor Marion Barry has a boy

Shelley Winters is the Godmother

Andy Gibb woos Tai Babilonia

People Puzzle 93

Chatter 100

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