Picks and Pans Review: Lady and the Tramp

updated 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Nostalgia buffs will want to see this 25-year-old animated Disney classic again. If they have kids of their own by now, so much the better. Everyone will delight in Lady, an irresistible cocker spaniel (suburbia's household dog of the '50s), as she learns about life from a mongrel scoundrel, Tramp. In Disney tradition, the animals are modeled from real-life pups (Tramp was inspired by a stray mutt found by writer Erdman Penner), and the dogs all speak with accents. The Scottish terrier, Jock, the Russian wolfhound, Boris, the English bulldog, Bull, plus Si and Am, the devilish Siamese cats ("We are Siamese, if you please; we are Siamese, if you don't please"), are a wonderful U.N. of animals. The late Barbara Luddy spoke for Lady, while Tramp got his cool from Larry Roberts. Peggy Lee composed five songs for the picture and sang three of them. And who can forget that dinner-à-deux served by Tony in the alley behind his Italian restaurant, which leads, spaghetti strand by strand, to the canine couple's first kiss? The film may be oversweetened zabaglione, but it leaves a song in the heart. (G)

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