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updated 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/07/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Marvin premieres
In Manhattan on business, Lee Marvin attended a private party at the Roxy Roller Disco and was so taken by the craze that he stayed on wheels for almost four hours. By the time he left, Marvin had made up his mind that a rollerskating party was just the thing to enliven the upcoming premiere of his new World War II movie, The Big Red One. What Lee enjoyed most, perhaps, was the sensation of being taken for a ride without benefit of Marvin Mitchelson.

Roberto's icing
He had his cake. Why not let Roberto Duran eat it too? He had taken the welterweight championship from favored Sugar Ray Leonard in a close but unanimous decision in Montreal. But it was a merciless bout, and a bruised Duran had little appetite for post-fight rounds with New York photographers when he stopped off en route to his native Panama (which had declared a national holiday). Paparazzi, unlike Sugar Ray, cornered him while he was dining with wife Felicidad in the aptly named Victor's Cafe.

Dennis' new vehicle
In last year's Cinderella movie, Breaking A way, actor Dennis Christopher zipped around the pastoral environs of Bloomington, Ind. on a 10-speed racing bike. But in his new film, Fade to Black, in which he plays a homicidal delivery boy who uses classic movie murders as inspiration, he and co-star Linda Kerridge (she plays a Marilyn Monroe lookalike on whom he has designs) putt around on a motor scooter. Does that make him a cyclepath?

Hart to art
After seven years spent with art fancier William Holden, Stefanie Powers, 37, has an eye for a masterpiece and has gone into business with the actor importing treasures from the Far East. Taking a break during the filming of a fall episode of Hart to Hart, Powers could not resist queuing up at Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art for the block-busting Picasso exhibit and got caught gawking at the Spaniard's She-Goat.

Barry's buying
When District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry's wife, Effi, gave birth to their first child, Hizzoner was in such a hurry to break the news and pass out the stogies that he never doffed the cap and gown he was required to wear in the delivery room. Reporters were summoned to hear that the new Barry was a boy, that he weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces, that he was 19 inches long and that he would be named Marion too. No, a girl would not have been called Marion.

Shelley's chaperoning
In her just-published autobiography, Shelley, actress Shelley Winters, 57, gives a kiss-and-tell account of her affairs with Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, Farley Granger and Burt Lancaster, to mention just the volume's Big Four. But last week in Manhattan, making the obligatory rounds to plug the book (with many references to how much her editors made her clean up or omit), the veteran star showed up at Elaine's with two new swains, Michael and Dean Haspiel, 11 and 13, the sons of longtime friends and Shelley's own godsons.

Tai's tied up
Yuccck! What is this? Can it be that Olympic figure skater Randy Gardner doesn't like the pro life? Two months after he and partner Tai Babilonia (right) crashed at Lake Placid, they signed with the Ice Capades and started a round of personal appearances. In L.A. they judged a roller-disco contest with Eight Is Enough star Sue Richardson (center), who brought along daughter Sara. Tai, however, appears jubilant at the showbiz whirl: Lately she's been shadow-dancing with a new partner, Andy Gibb.

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